In a field that always growing and having constant changes with rules, regulation and law. Criminal Justice is a fascinating field that offers many great benefits to people who work in this field. Since criminal justice is an impacted major it is challenge to get into the classes you need but, there are also other things that people in this field are also trying to change such as an alternative change to police training, 2 different fields having the possibility of merging together, and the growth of the field.

Since the field has grown so much and many people chase the dream of becoming a detective or a crime scene investigator (C.I.S) the still must do basic training for a police academe after being hired. Martin Richard states that, “Many states offer police and corrections officer certification through state approved police basic training, either after hire (in-service) or before hire (preservice).” Now what they are trying to do is save as much money as possible. In order to try and save money they do preservice training that colleges offer. Richard also mentions how they make it possible to do the training and get it as transfer credits they are trying to make it a part of the curriculum or as a stand-alone program. (Richard, 1) The credits may be used towards a degree or even elective credits. Research also has shown that 90 % of what is learned at basic training curricula is the same as the academic criminal justice course. (Martin & Gruber,1994) (Richard, 1) If both things can be taught and can go towards credits as well, not only will we benefit the students it would also benefit the police certification and save them money as well. Not only would it educate them in the field it would also already have them prepared with the skills needed.

The possibility of one field one day meeting with criminal justice is beginning to grow. The idea of social works and criminal justice is growing all though social workers are needed infrequently. Anna Scheyett says that,” One way to increase the number of social workers in the criminal justice system is by exposing students to work in these settings.” If the two fields share a similar thing or same principle then it is only fair to make two fields go into one since it is beneficial to both sides even if one is used less in the other field. Surveys showed that on average, 7.73% of field placements (Social Work) were in criminal justice settings. (Pettus, 2012) Scheyett says. “When asked about barriers to criminal justice placements, the most frequently identified challenge was a lack of SW supervisors.” She also says that the implications for future education for these two is under discussion. Perhaps it would be beneficial to both sides in the future if both sides where to merge into one field. Even if one side is used less than the other in the long run in the future it might just become useful more then we believe it to be.

Criminal justice is field that seems to be growing more and more over the time despite the fact that it is an impacted major. However, this hasn’t stopped students from trying to get into these programs or school from trying to get more teachers. In 1978, the programs employed 32 full-time and 78 part-time instructors just in Pennsylvania alone. In 2015 more than 106,580 have been employed most of the being full-time instructors. (Michael Palmiotto, 1 ) now over the years more instructors have been added but my only question regarding this as well is in 2015 was the instructors hired simply just in Pennsylvania as well or was this throughout the United States? Palmiotto also mentions that the field has grown a lot over the time and expresses the importance of having to get more instructors or giving current instructors more time and students. Extending a teaches time wouldn’t be such a bad since it allows more student to take classes at the time instead of trying to cram into hours the possibly can’t because of work. This then takes a spot for student who could have actually used the class. It also helps student if the instructors are able to take more students into his class for example instead of only being to take 50 students move them somewhere they can take them where it can hold more students even if it means that have to move to an auditorium. It best to always try and help the student and the professor. Maybe the idea of extending instructors times and students isn’t a bad idea or even having the possibility of colleges hiring more instructors might be extremely beneficial for both students and instructors

Criminal Justice is a field that has grown over the year and its possible that the field will only continue to grow. It may be time that we think about new things that we can do to reduce time or even help other whether its saving money or making it part of education. Since the field is impacted not only is it hard to get in its also extremely hard to get the classes that one needs due to lack of time or instructors. It could be time to hire more instructors and have them take more hours and even have them take more students even if it means that they have to go to a bigger room the outcome can have positive effect of everyone and on the field as well. It’s also a great idea that we bring the idea of police training with criminal justice and a=have them do it as a part of the curriculum since they already have to do it in the police academy. It also is a way to save money and help student know the basic in the field that they are going in. Lastly, it’s also a good idea that we merge Social work with criminal justice even though it isn’t used as much it could be beneficial to both sides in the future and since they do share a similarity as well.


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