An accountant is a person that helps businesses with their financial information. They are supposed to be trustworthy and dependable for businesses because business owners depend on accountants to do their job correctly. Accountants are handling where and how much money goes on. However, there has been a few times where accountants did financial fraud. There is a lot of things that can happen leading to fraud.

Being an accountant can be stressful with having to have all the financial statements correct. David Jolley says, “takes three things for a fraud to occur pressure, opportunity, and incentive.” Pressure takes a toll on a person because they must have everything practically perfect. Which, is hard to do because people make a lot of mistakes. Adding stress can make a person miserable and depending on their situation can lead to opportunity to earn some more cash. People think more money makes them happier. Different situations can change a person incentive depending what is going on in their lives. An accountant can have an opportunity to make themselves richer and they contemplate if they would get caught. Thinking that when they get enough money they can leave somewhere far without getting caught but, karma catches up to them.


Financial fraud is when the statement is intentionally mistaken (Dooley). Some accountants think that no one would notice and it can give them a little more money. They embezzle money from the companies they are working for which they do not know until they notice something is a little wrong. Accountants are mainly in charge of the financial information so business owners trust them that they would not try to take their money. Taking money that does not belong to them feels easy because they can slip it into their account. Fraud is a serious matter because it happens to businesses that earn their money. Accountants need to do their job honestly without having a corrupt mind. In some situations, there could be more people than just one involved. An accountant could be doing the embezzlement for someone else because maybe someone is blackmailing them. It all depends on the situation going on that make an accountant change their perspective.

A person mindset can change overtime. Accountants probably did not think that they were going to do fraud. Something big may have changed them. In most cases money is the issues because everything is based off it. People need money to survive in this world right now. You can get a good meal without costing more than five dollars. Money changes people the more you have the more you get in your life. People want a lot of things because society makes us believe we need it. Bazerman says, “unconscious bias cannot be deterred by threats of jail time.” People with an unconscious bias tend to not think about the consequences that could happen. They are so focus on one thing they do take it into consideration. They interpret information in different ways when they have bias (bazerman).  Some accountants that do not do fraud tend to have an attachment by keeping in their good graces but, sometimes they do not to look good and to look the least to be doing the fraud.


Accountants can get more stress with their families because they must provide for them. Children practically want a lot of things which can be hard because an accountant probably wants nothing but the best for their kids. Accountants must also include time for their family which can be hard because they also must focus on their job. Juggling both is hard and stressful because they both expect a lot from you. However, if you choose one just a tiny bit over the other they make you feel guilty. In some cases, an accountant probably gets overwhelmed and thinks more money could solve their problems. Fraud has a lot of reasons for an accountant to do it.  Depends on the outside pressures that make the think about embezzling a company.

Accountants forget the bigger picture due to lack of precision (Young). They get caught up with the stress and pressure. Which can be too much for people and sometimes they see an opportunity and they take the chance thinking they would not get caught. People incentive can change by lacking the motivations they once had to be the best. Money can make them want more so they think of a life where they have millions of dollars. So, they figure it would be an easy task to get some extra cash here and there. Money can corrupt people’s incentives and make them want more than they should have. Ray Ball says, “incentives depend on interplay between market and political forces in the reporting authority.” They become selfish and think about themselves instead of the company they are working for. They think they are all fine until they get caught and put into jail. Once they are in jail they wish that they did not do fraud because they would not be there. They must know the consequences if they get caught which should make them think of the big picture. Is it worth going to jail just for more money.


There is a lot of reasons that make a person to start fraud. Fraud is a serious issue because one should not do it because it is not worth jail time. It would not make you happier just for more money. The major issue with fraud must be money because it can corrupt a person mindset. An unconscious bias make someone forget about doing good instead trying to think of themselves. The importance of this is if you want to be an accountant that you need to be honest and trustworthy. If you were the business owner, you do not want someone taking your money. Always think of others and treat them how you want to be treated. It is your responsibility to take your job seriously and never do it for your satisfaction.