Sandra Cisneros’ Women Hollering Creek is a collecting of short stories that has a flavor of the Latino culture with the day to day life growing up.Latina The stories mention going to school with friends, spending birthdays with the family, and locations of neighbors. Each story is unique but shares the style of Cisneros’ writing which feels as though she is face to face with you. In a funny way it feels as she is feeding me chisme as we are sitting down drinking coffee.

The story I found myself sucked into was One Holy Night, a young girl helping her family with spending the weekend working while falling in love. Chaq Uxmal Paloquin is a so-call Mayan with royal blood that lives behind a repair shop and likes to shop from the pushcart on Saturdays to talk to our character. Chaq says his name means “Boy Baby” and not else does he mention about himself.Book He is mysterious, for that reason I believe our character becomes infatuated with him. She spokes of his ancient language and the way is sounds to her ear. She becomes so interested into him she visits him in his room where she loses her virginity and even references herself as his queen. Unfortunately she will not be seeing him again after that night, she becomes pregnant and gossip reaches to her Abuelita’s ears that she was seen with “Boy Baby”. Abuelita does what she thinks is best and looks for Chaq while sending our character away so no one sees the growing belly. We find out that Chaq had lied about his past, even went to ask for her but Abuelita chased the 36 year old man off with a broom. The story which started as a young romance ends with a young teen soon to be mother with the idea of love.


“Tocaya” for those who do not understand is what you would call someone who shares the same first name as you. In My Tocaya it reminds me of being in high school and gossiping with your best friend. Our main character tells us about Patricia, who is her tocaya, working at a taco place with her family. She wants nothing to do with her and does not like her as much. Patricia as gone missing, probably ran away from her abusive father, who we find out that does beat the son. Our character isn’t upset with Patricia running away but with the fact she won’t be hooking up with a boy. Patricia then is put on a missing person poster, found dead, and then shows up alive. Our character is just not impress at all how anything unfolded to this attention seeking girl and we feel the frustration.

Cisneros’ has her own style of writing which is enjoyable to read. As stated before, it feels as though she is here telling you herself these stories. It does not feel like a book but a conversation.