Nick young prettyImagine walking around the mall and hearing a girl call a guy pretty. What would the initial reaction be. Would it be shocked, confused or simply wondering why the hell did she call him pretty? It’s rare to ever hear a macho guy ever be called pretty. Would you ever expect for your plumber to be seen as a pretty man, or would you expect a big macho man who’s simply there to do his job? As times change are men starting to accept the compliment of being called pretty.

Is it wrong for a man to be called pretty, in today’s society do we not see everyone as pretty? It could be that most guys do get a lot of self esteem and could even be seen as cocky after words simply because we will see are self as pretty for a long time. In the short story Bien Pretty by Sandra Cisneros character lupe describes a man as pretty and she didn’t realize how this would affect Flavio. When Lupe saw Flavo she thought he was just really pretty and she wanted to simply paint him because he was that pretty.“Once you tell a man he pretty, there is no taking it back” (Cisneros 137). Lupe also explains how after they get called pretty that they think they’re pretty all the time and in some way they really are that they simply have to believe it. Lupe explains what her view of a pretty man is she says that a pretty man is like too- fancy car or a real good stereo or a microwave oven. Her idea of a pretty man is something is almost to good to be true and that sooner or later you’re just asking for it. She knew that it would have to go bad eventually.

It’s hard to compliment a guy without them trying to get a big head especially now. Once they get complimented they get an ego and simply view them self like that for a long time. Lupe even noticed this in Flavio she noticed that he started to walk differnt, looked at people in the eyes when he talked to them, and even looked at all the girls that walked passed him. (Cisneros 136). Lupe feels like it’s her fault that he changed simply because she saw him as pretty and called him pretty. Most guys do get more confident when getting complimented because they feel like they have something good going for them. However most guys do get a big ego for example when you go to the gym and see a guy ripped flirting with most of the girls or at the beach. Confidence is all in the person but some people do seem to get way to confident and end up looking bad. Lupe also explains how you couldn’t see Flavio as pretty unless you were in love with him. “Then any time you met anyone with those same monkey eyes, that burnt- sugar skin, the face wider than it was long,well, you were in for it” (Cisneros 136). Love can lead to complementing one another and building confidence on boths sides but one can get more confidence and feel like they can do better without the other like was happening with lupe.

Is anyone being called pretty now and days? How many times have you been called pretty? Have you really ever heard anyone called pretty or even pretty boy? “Pretty boy is more coiffed, and usually not rugged looks such as Zack Efron or even Cristiano Ronaldo” (Scott 2011). Is it not true when you imagine someone pretty you imagine someone clean with a nice haircut well taken care off and well trimmed nails. We don’t really ever imagine people like Sylvester Stallone(Rocky) or Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) as pretty boys we expect them to be all sweaty and rugged ready to fight at any time. In the story Bien Pretty we can also see this in the character Flavio who really doesn’t want to be rugged or at least work with dirt really. He also seemed to complain a lot about the heavy duty harsh jobs like when he worked with shrimp. However he did seem to work in areas that was clean like when he worked with cabbage, potatoes, and onions.(Cisneros 146) He liked the cool and pretty mornings. “Pretty boys have more feminine qualities and delicate facial features….Handsome men have more of rugged masculine traits.”(Scott 2011) Flavio seemed to be delicate to most of things with his extermination job even if the poisons and insecticides gave him headaches, even if he had to crawl under the house after accidentally discovering a cat’s favorite litter spot” (Cisneros 174). It was obvious that the job wasn’t meant for Flavio but only did it because he needed the money and it was better than scraping food off the plates

Being called pretty it’s not something a lot of guys are used to being called and it’s something we may never get used to. Pretty or not it’s a word we don’t associate are self with. Simply because it’s something that we can’t imagine are self with. We already use to the idea of rugged men. Will we ever able to accept the compliment they way we tell people sometimes to just take the compliment even if they may not see themself as that.  The idea of being called pretty is something that we might get used to afterword maybe in future, but if were to walk around the mall at this moment and he a call a guy pretty would you agree or still wonder why the hell did she call him pretty or will we say I can see why he’s pretty?

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