In the book “Woman hollering creek” by Sandra Cisneros was mainly about her experiences in life herself. In one of her stories “Never Marry a Mexican” she was basically telling her to never marry a latino that was raise in Mexico. Her mother wished that she should marry someone more Americanized, some that would give her more freedom. In her other story “One Holy Night” she mentioned that Mexican American are completely liars and create false stories about themselves to younger girls. In these two stories she believes that not marrying anyone would be the best option for her.

cheating In the first story its from her mothers prospective, she had gave Clemencia an advice to never marry a Mexican. The reason why she tells her daughter not marry a Mexican is because she feels like all Mexicans are cheaters. By her mother telling her this made it difficult for her to marry a Mexican man. It basically comes back and hunts her down throughout her life, not knowing what to do. She started rejecting all latino men and started sleeping with married white men. The reason why she was sleeping with married men was because that kept her away from marriage. Clemencia was very confused for what she wanted to do, meaning she appeared to be taking her mothers advice. Deep the story, she believed that all men are cheaters leaving only two positions for woman, one was get cheated on or the one he cheats with. Clemencia started thinking that if you had a part Mexcian that then it wasn’t meant to marry anyone. Everything started to get more difficult with time, thinking that maybe she shouldn’t marry anyone. In this article it doesn’t mentions not to marry a Mexican man but it does show the top five ways someone would cheat in a marriage. Kim from the article believes that someone in marriage uses a lot of social media has big chance of cheating and someone that has cheated would always be a cheater. I feel like its difficult for Clemencia to marry a Mexican because her mom has told her not to and what she seen growing up with her parents. In my opinion i feel like she would get married eventually, cheats can go both ways in my opinion. The way a men can cheat a women can cheat as well. We are all human, why blame the race, color and identity to call only one race cheaters. Everyone is the same and equal so we should blame other more, we are all the same.
In the second story is based on a girl that calls herself Ixchel. She was fooled by this older men named Chaq and also goes by the name “Boy Baby”, he lied about himself and created all these amazing stories. He would lie to her and made himself seem better then what he really was. Chaq was around his thirty’s and he was talking to a way younger girl. Down the story Ixchel felt in love with his lies and believed everything he told her. She ended up getting pregnant and he disappears, her grandmother goes crazy with shame, grief, and also blame. Ixchel and her grandmother ended up finding out that “Boy Baby” was a murderer who victimizes young girls. Ixchel now knows how easy it is to fall for older guys lies, she feels so bad and docent know what to do or expect from everything that has gone. In the same article Kim mentioned that men that have money is a higher risk for them to cheat on a women they feel like they have more power and more control. She also mention that women would cheat as well if they find a men with money because it shows the live they live in Hollywood or other nice places. I feel like humans shouldn’t take money so serious, money comes and goes and if they want to live happy forever and not have to deal with their husband or wife cheating they should communicate. Communication is the key for a great marriage, they shouldn’t be doubting about one another. But studies does show that poor women would cheat with guys that have money and look very wealthy. Thats not how it should be but in our generation thats how we are.
This book “ Woman hollering creek” by Sandra Cisneros has thought me that we are all human. We all make mistakes by cheating or doing stuff we shouldn’t do and not thinking it through. Clemencia shouldn’t really pay that much attention to her mom, she should think and make her own decisions in life. Not every guy would cheat on, no matter what race, color or identity they are. Its just that people make mistakes and they learn form them like her mom, but that doesnt mean that she should marry a Mexican. If she finds the right guy, docent matter color or race if she find the right guy then she should get married and not worry about getting cheated on. Everyone also lies she should take it that serious, the same way a men like a women can lie too. Everyone should be looked at equal, we are all human but we all deserve to find the right person and not cheat and lie to each other. Also sleeping with married men could be bad as well, she’s basically being the problem why the men is cheating on her wife. She should have to listen to her moms advice, she should experience her life however she wants and makes her happy. She should listen to anyone till she feels like she found the right guy and experience marriage with her husband. If she experiences and feels like marriage is not for her then she had the right to not stay married with the guy and move on with her life.

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