In the story Never Marry a Mexican by Sandra Cisneros, the main character Clemencia, is sleeping with a married man named Drew, she has some sort of infatuation with this man, but then this part of her passionate love affair is over as soon as Drew decides to end this affair. Years later Drew’s son is all grown and mature, and Clemencia is having an affair with him and begins to see the similarities the son has with his father. Sleeping with a man that share some DNA is very mysterious and has raised some questions. This part of the story made me wonder of a couple of things. For one, Clemencia certainly know she has had affairs with both the father and the son, but will they ever find out that they both have slept with the same women? Maybe not at the same time but certainly shared moments with the same women.  Secondly how will they get along knowing that they have been with the same women if they ever find out? Lastly if after this will at least Clemencia feel some regret knowing that she tore the bond between a father and son?

Being with a man is not as big of an issue as it once was. Today, its normal to have sexual intercourse with the person that makes him or her happy. Making love is part of the relationship that each partner will share. Now when it’s an affair, meaning one of them either the man or the women is cheating the attitude changes in the relationship. In the story Never Marry a Mexican, Clemencia is a single woman having an affair with Drew a married man whose wife was pregnant at the time. Despite the way, Drew and Clemencia shared a love affair, he left her to possibly care for his wife and the child. And who knows he probably felt regretful for what he was doing. But soon after Drew’s son was grown and mature, for some reason he also fell under her spell and he also became Clemencia’s lover. This is where the surprise arose and it seems that she knows exactly what she was doing, know will they ever find out that they both have slept with the same women? In the book, there is a part where it looks like Clemencia really wants to tell Drew’s son as she thinks over it on her mind on how to tell him, as she is saying, “I want to tell you this evenings when you come to see me…This happened…. And he took me under his wing and in his bed, this man, this teacher, your father. I was honored that he’d done me the favor. I was young (Cisneros 76).” Clemencia seems that she wants to intentionally hurt the son. Will she tell him, about his father and what they were doing before he was born? Not just that but also when his mother was giving birth to him while Clemencia and Drew were making love. The reactions that will come to the son will possibly be limitless. She does not mention in the book that she wants tell Drew, his father, will his reaction become menacing once he discovers that his son fallowed his step(literally)? Maybe he will not except the fact that his son became a game to Clemencia, in the book she does not feel like she has any feeling towards the son, the least to say no respect whatsoever. When Clemencia mentions that she only wants to be with the son because it’s a small reminder of Drew, and how she does not care. Wondering the fact that she does not care might give the impression that she will disclose information.

The bond between a father and son is strong. Even more when they are from the same sex. Who’s to say that what the father does the son fallows. The steps a father takes will be of example to his son. When your son begins to develop into a young man, both of you face challenges that mean working a little bit harder to maintain your bond (Connection Between Father and Son) The book does not mention the relationship the father has with his. During childhood, they probably had a good bond. But If Clemencia decides to tell them that they both fell under her spell, then what happens to that bond? Drew treated his wife at the same level as he did with Clemencia maybe a bit more differently. Maybe the same treatment he gives to both the wife and Clemencia will be the same treatment he will give to his son. That could possibly mean careless, heartless, with no love to show. Clemencia convinced Drew to have a child, who’s to say that he only did it out of pity? and does not have a connection with his as he gets older. Drew probably cares for his son economically, as the book mentions that he is well and has money. Maybe that is because the mother convinced Drew to at least give him financial stability, but what about the love and bond for each other? Possibly after they both are aware that they slept with the same women their relationship is far more apart than ever. They probably passed by each other and talk about school, or work, but know they don’t talk at all.

From Clemencia’s life story it seems that her mother was never there for her, except to tell her to never marry a Mexican (68) Because unlike her mother, her father was born in Mexico. That was the only rule Clemencia would fallow, she grew up with resentment toward her mother. Because her mother did not feel loved by Clemencia’s father, she felt alone, and without a man to seek comfort. After Clemencia’s father died her mother was dead from the inside and after marrying another man she cared for herself only and had forgotten about Clemencia and her sister. Maybe after her past she felt the need to be wanted no matter who it was with. Her bond with her mother was not a good one. This part makes it seem that what she felt she wouldn’t let anyone else feel the same way but in a turn of events it was contrary. Will she at least feel some regret knowing that she tore the bond between a father and son? But on the contrary Clemencia’s own words where, “I don’t care what’s right anymore. I don’t care about his wife. She’s not

no-mom-guilt-photomy sister. And it’s not the last time I’ve slept with a man the night his wife is birthing a baby (Cisneros 76).” If she did not care about sleeping with other men, there is no way she would care about tearing apart what could’ve been a great bond between Drew and his son. Her caring for others is not on her list of good deeds. She is not bad person but her life made her that way, not regretting what she can do is part of her. She was not taught love so why give love where there is none? It was not her first time, what gives the impression that she will not try to tear others apart.

To end, this story has many meanings. What happens after is where the questions have endless answers. From what happens if Drew and his son find out the they have something in common? To where do they stand with each other if they both know, and lastly Clemencia and her feeling towards what she did with both Drew and his son. Clemencia is a character that changes the live to those the surround her, she is a very smart woman that knows what her next moves are. Waiting for her ex-lover’s son to grow up and taking him in her arms to repeat the story once again shows us that there are no barriers with her, and the bond Drew and his son have will be very tricky specially with her in the middle.

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