Stater Bros. is one of the best food market in all of Southern California, it has been around for years with the best reviews and services from customers and their employees. Stater Bros. is a Union based market that work great for people that want a career out of the store. It gives employees a future to work upon if they really wanted to stay at Stater Bros. all their lives. Their main job is to give their customers the most help and care that they want to come back to Stater Bros. because seeing all of those nice, friendly, smiling employees such as myself. There is one thing that Stater Bros. does not do for most of their employees, like for instance work around their schedule for school, or try to work around their time outside of work period. basically giving their employees’ their rights and benefits when working for Stater Bros. This is a problem for most employees, and especially for myself, they never like to work around my college school schedule, and I would have to talk to them and find a way to work around my school time and their work schedule. It is hard for me to do something that they should be working around. Where are my rights and benefits to this, if they cannot work around my time outside of work? I for one would like them to work around my school time, but yet also try to give me hours and get paid a lot. There are many other employees that may have the same problem at their store as well. They want to have a career, and go to school to accomplish it, but we cannot do our goal if Stater Bros. does not want to help us out and give us our equal rights to have days off and time off to do stuff we need or want to do outside of work. I want to have the rights as much as all these other minor clerks want as well. I want the hours and pay as well and be the friendliest employee to the customers and make Stater Bros. the best looking company around Southern California, but my main goal is to go to school and work on my career, but I cannot work on that and get money if Stater Bros. does not want to work around my schedule, or work with me, or on my side and treat me equally, everyone in the workplace should be equal, and have equal rights when working at Stater Bros. Is it really hard to work around your employers outside life and give them what they desire in or out of the workplace?

The main problem Stater Bros. need to work on is give everyone the equal rights other older employees have when wanting to give days off and rights then the other younger newer employees do not have. We all deserve equal rights when wanting to request a day off or have their school schedules away from their work time. Markets and jobs have to have the rights for others are equivalent to the concepts of rights in the civil sphere in society. If they do not want to work around their employer’s times then there could be strikes for the workers, which would make Stater Bros. get less of workers, less of sales, and more on their shoulders. Problems like these can involve desirable amenities as employee stock ownership plans or ESOP. The benefits Stater Bros. should offer for their employees is fringe benefits and negotiated benefits with their employees and employment. Does Stater Bros really want to lose employees and their employment when it comes to those who have another life outside of work, do they want to give employees go on strike for not having basic rights and benefits towards their managers and CEOs of Stater Bros.? Problems with all of that is no one from the higher society in the government and general Managers and supervisors are the facts that they should focus on their younger employees and what they want to tell Stater Bros. managers what to get off or what to work around. We need the same rights that all the other higher class employers get that most of us minor workers do not have, just the basic benefits when working at Stater Bros. the failures of this if Stater Bros. does not want to work for their employees then it will all involve in the exposer to liability for breaches in the company.

There may not have any sort of solutions when coming from the younger employees and their rights to have their times off and school schedules. Cases like these deserve the Stater Bros. employees to go on strike and to give Stater Bros. a big problem on their hands. They know not to have any of this to happen. Even with all of these terms of sick leave and vacation life time insurances, employer’s benefits are enjoyed by more than half of all private sectors workers. The benefit coverage in general were much more prevalent predictability amongst the full time employees. The rights of all the employees also benefit on the way Stater Bros may treat their employers. Everyone in society of course deserves basic rights whether or not it is a good ideal or bad cause in life. Legislating based on the discrimination on equal and beneficial rights and predictions of future behavior is the frauds with opportunities for unintended consequences if main employers do not get their ways on their outside world with unnecessary regulation, and unwarranted litigation. It also sets a new precedent towards the society in which CEO and high class supervisors needs to realize, as Congress has never created a new cause of action against employers based on potential or theoretical discrimination, only on some appreciable history of actual discrimination on their rights and benefits they deserve and desire. Any effort that seeks to prevent people from taking advantage of useful information on their job, will cause harmful consequences if they do not want to lose their employees and sales and strikes upon the employers. particular genetic profiles turn out to make some people more likely to break down under physically dangerous stressful situations from their employers. With all of this happening, Stater Bros. will have to give a reason to help out their employees and not make such a bad cause and output when not helping and giving the right benefits everyone in the market desire to their employers. So then do employers have actual benefits towards this? Laws covering the workplace typically grant employees’ benefits and employers responsibilities. But, shouldn’t employers have rights as well no matter where they are, outside or inside the workforce? As well as giving every employee the benefits to what they are asked to work around, and to make up in doing so? The beneficiary that every store should give out for their employer’s should not be so hard to do for them. It should not involve them to go deep into something into the government and fight for what they deserve. Just give them what the ask from you and not make it so hard on them and later on when the time comes harder on Stater Bros. too.

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Problems that most employees face, especially with me at Stater Bros. is just basic weekly hours, some go up, some go down hours wise. Holidays always has a high standard weekly high hour shifts, but on other occasions some days are just on a low or even lower based weekly hour times. We question on why some weeks are over 30-40 hours a week, then a couple weeks later it goes completely down to barely 20 hours a week. Is it because of not enough sales, or last week’s sales were not high enough? I want to work and of course also get paid big, but to do that, I need my hours not to go down, but to stay over 30 hours a week, then I would not question on why this has to happen, not just to me, but to other clerks around Southern California. If there are main full time employees like managers or high end clerks, for purposes of calculating hours a week, that answer would be about 40 hours in a work week. For us part time clerks, the right hourly weeks are about 25-30 hours a week. Why do they have to go down though? This is a problem that needs to be asked and answered by all. Would this not mean that there could be unemployment in the workforce because of them losing hours? This is not a good type of employment when making your employees lose all of their hours and then losing them, I would like to work at Stater Bros. it is a nice job, but it cannot keep me if they want to cut my hours and expect me to not get paid big money either. That is why I want to know on what reason and solution this and other rights we deserve and the benefits us minor part time clerks have at a job like Stater Bros.

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There are many types of solutions when it is based on an employer’s rights, benefits, or the basic hourly income in a week for an employee to have or even ask if they do not feel like they have this in their workforce. I am that employee that is asking about all of these, that I wish to have or at least know about. All employees have basic rights in their workplaces.  When it comes to things people need like federal laws, it is broadly regulating unions and the amendments to those laws have dramatically changed the look and function of unions over time. The changing laws have also acted as political mirrors, alternately protecting employees from unfair labor practices and protecting employers from unfair circumstances. Not just work places, but the company’s CEOs too. It includes the basic right to privacy, fair compensation, and freedom from discrimination. A job applicant also has certain rights even prior to being hired before being a part time employee. These employee rights have been addressed on the federal and state levels and by various regulatory bodies, as well as on the employee manuals and collective bargaining agreements. Though not all employees have the same rights for example, private employees don’t have all the same constitutional rights that public employees, there are many regulatory bodies that administer and oversee employee rights laws. Employee members represent all perspectives of labor and employment laws like employer, union, employee, public, and neutral. All of the, are committed to a balanced discussion of employment issues in the United States and abroad. Stater Bros. is a union based company so our rights are all upon what they allow us to do and have. When it come to the payment or weekly hours for an employee, there are full time employees, and part time employees. The basic hours for a full time employee or like a manager and a supervisor is from 40-45 hours a week, that is the basic standard form of hours. For a part time employee, it goes to show that when you have up to 30 hours, that is the max or hours most part time employees deserve to have as their max weekly hours. When it comes to having less then what a part time, it is either saying that they do not need you, meaning there may not be any sales going on, or a holiday has passed by meaning that you do not need the hours that you think you need, because the union has already used you up enough when they gave you over 30 hours that holiday time, taking off less of labor hours, and all the labor money we had while working everyone long weekly hours. The pay though for most part time workers is based on The Equal Pay Act requires that men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. The jobs need not be identical, but they must be equal with others. This also all determines whether jobs are substantially equal. All forms of pay are covered by this law, including their salary, overtime pay, bonuses, profit sharing and bonus plans, life insurance, vacation and holiday pay, and mostly their benefits with the workplace they work at and rely on. With all of the benefits to a job, they always come in with what everyone has an equal. No employer having employees subject to any provisions of this section shall discriminate, within any establishment in which such employees are employed, between employees on the basis of sex by paying wages to employees in such establishment at a rate less than the rate at which he pays wages to employees in such establishment for equal work on jobs the performance of which requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and which are performed under similar working conditions, except where such payment is made in the department they work in. Benefits are any perks offered to employees in addition to salary. The most common benefits are medical, disability, and life insurance; retirement benefits; paid time off; and fringe benefits. Benefits can be quite valuable towards employees that need all the benefits in the world when at their workplace. Main benefits that most employees do not know that help them if anything happens to them. Most benefits are from health insurance, health planning after retirement, traditional pension plans, all of which base it off of their rights and benefits while and after working at their workplace.

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All of these problems in the workforce have their negatives, but also their positives no matter what that employee wants, and says that they do not get a lot of hours, thinks they do not have all the rights in the world while working for a union, or has all the benefits in the world hanging on their shoulders. The thing about all of this is many employees think that this is a waste of time thinking they do not have any rights or benefits, and that even the workplace itself may lose them. The thing is that in many of these situations if you leave a job, it can have a big impact on how the employer will feel about you and how cooperative they may be in providing benefits after the end of the employment relationship towards the employees around them, and the customers that walk past them in the market! Making them think that they should have made a big impact on your benefits, or rights when working with them. and the union based companies need some sort of chances for the company to treat everyone equal whether or not full time or part time. Many workers in the United States do not realize that they can be entitled and welcomed to several workplace rights and benefits in their workplaces. Most of us minor clerks do not realize that everyone in every type of businesses have all equal types of rights and benefits in their workforce. No matter what you think as a young employer, Stater Bros. may want to look like the best, cleanest, nicest looking to all of their customer’s coming in and seeing everyone, being the best company in all of Southern California, but it does not mean that the business does not care about their employees. If the company never treats their employees right, do not give them what they ask for or the beneficiary they deserve, then that equals, no employees to help out, no customers coming in because of the minor help they would get, and less sales and money, meaning Stater Bros. can go out of business. That is not what they ask for from us, Stater Bros. wants all of their employees to be the nicest, cleanest, well dressed and the most helpful and caring employer to the customers that walk in the store. In order to do that, they give us more then what we think we, us minor new clerks have. With the benefits towards this job, most help employers when it comes to having a career in the workplace, and rights that they ask them, and they try their hardest to give to us, so that they can see all of their employees to be smiling 24/7 and be the nicest towards their customers helping them and looking the best when doing it, because the Stater Bros. company knows that if they see us happy, and bringing customers in all the time giving the company and store money and sales, then all of this in the end, make a perfect based settled company with the equally set of employees in the workforce or Stater bros.

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