If you think about it, we as a human race are actually the size of a spec of dust compare to the size of space, and our sun is not as big as we think. There are much bigger suns that make our sun look like an ant. So why would we not want to know whats out there, there are some people that want to cut the federal budget of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and people are saying we should lower it due to the fact that we have millions are starving people in this country. On the other hand there will be starving people for ever and if a country rules in space then they can potentially rule the world, so that’s why I think we should raise the budget back up from .5% to 4% like it was in the 60’s.

The reason why people want to cut the federal budget is, they want the 11.8 billionMoney (Marsters,Karen. june15) to go poor areas of the nation. What that money would do is help build up the schools that are in those districts, and the roads in the area to make them nicer to drive on and work on other community centers to make them nicer as well. one logic is they want the money to help feed the poor. If they gave the money to the districts that money could be used  to help the class rooms look nicer and not smell all the time. Hire better teachers that should be teaching, and give those teachers the tools they need to teach the kids.  Also, if you go to those poor areas such as Detroit, you will notice that their community centers are built and look very poorly. You would see a lot of trash around the area and you could also smell it in the air. If it is cleaned up nicely  you would see kids wanting to go to the community and play baseball, and basketball. If the kids are busy playing sports that could help them not commit crimes and stop them from doing drugs. The last main reason why some people think it is a bad idea to waste 11 billion in space is, they want the money to go toward the poor. There are millions of homeless people in this nation that need a place to live and need to eat.

brokeIf you keep feeding the poor then you would be doing that till the last day of humanity, because no matter how hard you try there will always be starving people in this world. Instead of wasting time on them we could be exploring the 1800 other worlds that have been discovered (armaghplanteruim). In addition to the 1800 planes that have already been discovered there are 3000 other worlds waiting for conformation. So the idea is if we get into contact with all of those other worlds then we can ask them for help.

To be able to leave earth would be amazing thing. It would just be like way back in the day when the europeans discovered the Americas. Most of the planet was stuck on one side of the world and once they realized they could go to the other side that is not crowded like that, they left. They left the bad infections that killed a third of the population, and just wanted to start something new. Leaving earth to go to mars would just be like an updated version of columbus finding america. We could leave and go to mars if we wanted to go on a vacation. The other main reason we could get off this rock is if a huge astroid was going to come down and kill us all. If we found that astroid in time we could get off this place and relocated onto mars, so we don’t have to end up like the dinosaurs did.

If we did cut NASA’s funding there will be a lot of emotional people out there. The reason why is a ton of people wanted to follow Neil Armstrong and Apollo 17 to the moon, and follow their footsteps. If we took that away from them their might be a rebellion, there are millions of kids going up that want to explore the universe and see what’s out there and maybe even help save this planted, or even better; find life on another.

Currently around the world we, the United states are leading the chart on how much we spend on space annually. Some of the other country that are with us on this chart are, all of Europe with 11.7 billion a year. 6629080867_016b010de5_bThen after them there is japan with 3.7 billion a year,, then china with 7.3 billion and lastly Russia with 1.4 billion. (Masters,Karen)With all of those nations together that is a grand total of 24.1 billion. A lot of people might think that is a lot of money to be spending for space. but it really isn’t. Why I say that is one mars rover cost 2.5 billion, and that is not counting all the failed attempts from trying to land a rover on mars. (space.gov) That is only just one rover on a planet that is circumference of 13,256 miles (Masters,Karen) and the rover only moves 1.5 inches a second. (mars.nasa.gov/) Now if we can have one rover with only the .5% budget on space imagine if we could have back up to 4% like the 60’s. We could have enough money to put a couple of more rovers up in space, and even put a man on mars.

If humans got taught and really did try and go to mars it would happen really quick. There would be a lot of other good reasons on why it would be good to collorbrate to try and go to mars. The first reason is it could end all wars because we would be so focus on trying to get along and going to space. For example look at the cold war between the United States and the USSR.Joint-Flags Even though millions of people were terrified of dying there was one good thing that came out of this war. What that was is know as the “space race”. It was a heathy competition between the U.S and U.S.S.R on the next frontier known as space. The USSR had the lead with putting the first man into space but America wanted to go further, they wanted to put the first man on the moon, or even putting on it.

The missions to the moon were called apollo missions.  (www.history.) The first mission was called Apollo 11. s65-55202That mission took place in July of 1969, and it was a really big deal because it was the first time anyone put something on the moon. Then for years after that there were many different apollo missions. Another bigger one was know as apollo 13, why it was one of the bigger one is. The crew aboard apollo 13 almost died from the oxygen tank inside their space ship exploded on the way to the moon. The whole world was watching this happen right in front of their eyes and thought for sure the men aboard that ship were dead. But after a few tense minutes they found out they were alive and on the way back to earth. There was a total of 11 apollo missions and all of them helped us learned as a nation how to travel in space, the last mission was called apollo 17. We had all those missions when out nations budget was at 4% thats why this is one of a big reasons on why we should raise it back up. We could do so much better today then we could of done 40 years ago. The technology is so much better and we can make the air last longer in the cabin and make our mission way more safer so what happened to apollo 13 would never happen again.

Another good example that space helps bring the nations together is the international space station. Currently there are 12 different nations on the space station.iss_gallery_med_02_960x600 The best apart about it is there is no fighting going on up there because they are focusing on just one goal. They are not focusing on anything else but trying to figure out space and they are putting their minds together for the best of humanity. Ever since the space station was built in 1998 they have made many discoveries such as how water will act up there. (nasa.gov) just basic physics in space. People will be up there for months and it is really good practice for them considering the trip to mars takes about a year to get there.

Also, how could we forget about raw materials? There is only so much down on earth before we run out of the essential needs such as food, and water. If we decided that we did not want the space program we as a human race would be done, and all the other animals this planet that need water. To prevent that from ever happening we could as a globe try and take raw materials from astroids. Why I say astroids is because they are loaded with all the materials you could think of. The website called www.Atronomy.com said,”New research suggests that the asteroid 16 Psyche may have traces of water splattered across its surface. Infrared observations reveal the characteristic absorption of unexpected volatiles, hinting at impacts by water-bearing rocks crashing into the iron-rich asteroid that is suspected to be the relic core of a failed planet” ( astronomy.com). Imagine all that iron and water is just floating out there in space. The Earths compost is around 16 billion people, the number we are at today is 7 billion people and the number is claiming fast.

You may have not of thought of it but there were some really good inventions during the space race, and that was when the funding for NASA was at the all time high at 4%. One of the bigger inventions that everybody in their house as, is the vacuum. The vacuum was found when we were trying to get people out of this atmosphere. Then the scientist notice when you put a matter into space that it sucks it away from its original position. The inventor of the vacuum tube is John Ambrose Fleming. He saw that experiment happen and thought about how great of a idea that would be to help pick up trash from his floor. One other big thing that happen with space is satellites. The big use for them is protection, but without spending money for space there would not be any cell phones that work because there would be no way you would be able to connect phone calls, or even having your buddies come over and watch football. Since most of the TV today need to be connected to satellites to find the channel you are looking for.

I do not know whats scarier, us being alone in the universe, or we are surrounded by different and more advance civilizations. We may never know if we keep cutting the funding towards space. This question as been asked for thousands of years and there are many more movies about being invaded by aliens and how they harvest our planet for our resources. But space expert Kevin Hand said,”I think in the next 20 years we will find out we are not alone in the universe.”(Hand,Kevin) With our current budgeting of NASA we might have to wait all those two decades, but if we up it and hire more people to look into that we could find out in half the time. So why not raise the budget just a few more percent just so we can find out if we are alone or not. If we are not alone we could be able to prepare ourselves better for the outcome of aliens coming to our planet.

We could create thousands of more jobs, and with that it would help out our economy enormously. By expanding the finding we could have the money to go out and build new buildings. Then with the buildings we could have thousands of more people working in those buildings. We could have the money to hire hundreds of engineers, mechanics, and astronauts. Then with the expansion we could add more space ships to our fleet to go farther out into space than ever before. With that expansion we could teach kids growing up more about space and see what the kids would want to do in our program. Then we could potentially discover something revolutionary from one of the kids we taught. The ISS (International Space Station) is one of the biggest achievements that we have done in the past decade. An author once said,”The ISS provides a unique environment for scientific discovery that simply cannot be duplicated anywhere on Earth.”(/unreasonable.is) The station was a multi national effort to build that started in the late 90’s and did not get completely finished until 2011. But our future with the ISS may not be that longed live. The chief of human space flight of NASA said in his latest interview,“get out of ISS as quickly as we can (Extreme-tech).  It would be easier to get out of the ISS sooner if the budget of NASA went up. The chief of human space flight also said,”The problem is money. NASA doesn’t have enough of it to continue taking a leading role in low-Earth orbit operations and still fund missions to the Moon and Mars.” (extreme-tech) NASA currently spends about 20% of its whole budge for the ISS, witch only leaves about 80% to pay for the rest of the operations. The Long term goal for NASA is to get a man on mars. Before they get a man on mars there is a lot more preparation, and there needs to be a huge technological revolution. For right now NASA’s short term goal is to start sending teams up to the moon to study how the body reacts to being further away from earth for longer periods of time.  The hopes is to get out of the ISS by 2024 to move on and focus more about longer space flight. If we got out of there that would free up about 3 billion dollars to be able to start moving on with mars. Only if the American people would raise the budget for NASA we would be able to focus on both and move a lot faster than we are now.

Now the big thing that everyone talks about is the journey to mars.MARS_Helmets_DL The people want to know if we are even working on going, and if we are how far along are we till we are going. NASA’s Administrator even said,” NASA’s Orion spacecraft will carry four astronauts to missions beyond the moon, launched from Florida.”( https://www.nasa.gov) Even with our little budget we could still be working on a space shit that would take us to mars. Even though we do not know how long until this ship would be done, or better yet know how much this thing is gunna cast. To me I am really interested to seeing how they pull it off and what that thing would look like.

Even though there are some great reasons to spend the 11.8 billion on other areas in our nation such as the poor areas. If we as a nation spend all of our time working about the poor we would not grow and spread our wrings of the human race. If we even raised the budget to 4% rather than just .5% like it is today there are a number of things that would could do. We could get out of ISS and move on toward the moon with sending teams up there to see how our body reacts being 250,000 miles away from earth. We could also send something the Astroid phyla 16 to harvest all of the iron and water that is just sitting there in space, when it would be way more useful if it was here on earth. Another thing if we raise the budget is we could have more apollo missions, instead of just going to the moon we could be doing missions to mars, it would take a very long time considering the trip to the mars is a little over a year while the trip to the moon is just 3 days. One other great reason why we need to have more space exploration is, it could potently stop most of the wars on earth. How that would happen is if all of the bigger nations that would be in these wars would start spending the money on their military toward space exploration and helping out each other reach the goal of getting to mars. One last great reason is, it would make thousands of new jobs if we raised the budget back up to the 4%. Think about it, we would need the construction workers to make all the buildings and engineers to develop and make these space crafts. Now these are some of my reasons why we should up our space funding from .5% back up to 4% like it was in the 60’s 

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