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 In today’s society people don’t even think before choosing a salad or a burger with fries and a cup of soda, therefore they go for the hamburger with the combo and that’s where obesity occurs. When I was18, my first job was at taco bell and that’s when I realized the average Americans who eat at Taco Bell are usually overweight and obese. They would usually order five or six crunchy tacos with a chalupa and top of that they would get a large diet coke.

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In David’s H Freedman’s article “How can junk food really end obesity”. In other words Freedman started off at the beginning of his article with his personal experience about buying a smoothie. He mentioned how a healthier and greener smoothie drink cost twice the amount compared to a McDonald’s smoothie. He goes into details about how the healthier smoothie contains 700 calories while the smoothie at McDonald’s contains only 300 calories. The healthier smoothie cost more and contains more calories, on top of that he mentioned it tasted like lawn clippings.


David Freedman supports his criticism about wholesale and processed foods  against Michael Pollan, because Pollan thinks whole sale is healthier than processed food. So by Freedman backing up his criticism about the wholesale and processed foods Freedman  went to buy these wholesome foods and found out the meat in these organic and healthier meats indeed contains more fat content per an ounce compared to McDonald’s Big Mac. His personal experiences support his article because he was able to go out and find facts and information on his own. David Freedman’s criticism are about how Michael Pollan isn’t showing us the true picture about foods. Freedman doesn’t believe that what Pollan says is true. Freedman even mentioned that the healthy greens are not much different when you go to wholesale markets and regular supermarkets. You can get the same thing that cost you less. Throughout Freedman’s article, he also talks about Michael Pollan’s views on the rise of obesity. Michael Pollan is critical of food processing and says it is “a source of society’s health problems” (508). Michael Pollan believes that it is because of the amounts of salt, sugar, and fat that is put into foods that cause obesity. He also explains that restaurants and grocery stores came up with what they call “wholesome” foods that claim to be healthy but in reality, are not. Pollan believes that one can solve this problem by replacing these foods “through public education and regulation-with fresh, unprocessed, local season real foods” (508). In making this comment, Freedman argues to us that he thinks all the public school education foods system should be replaced by healthier stuff and less processed  foods.

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In Freedman’s article, he goes into depth how that the people in a poorer community can’t afford fresh, healthy foods from the grocery store (or even the transportation to get to the store). This leads to the poor population relying on the easily accessible, cheap fast food chains that are generally walking distance of any location. He states this for the reason of obesity rates going up in poor communities. I would have to agree with Freedman, because in poorer communities you won’t see wholefood markets, in the contrary you would see McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut in mostly every corner of a shopping centers. Wholefood markets are usually around nicer richer areas, you wouldn’t even see at least whole food markets in a poorer community, but yet you would see small organic stores or even small organic stands at street fairs. Usually those small organic stores wouldn’t even last for a couple months, because people don’t even bother eating healthy all they care about is junk food and fast food places.

I would have to agree and disagree with Freedman on some of his arguments about how healthier foods should be in public education. I don’t agree with him on his suggestion o on healthier foods should be places in public education. mostly the kids in the public education but their lunch, and on top of they of the schools start putting healthier foods on the menu there would less buying for lunch. Like he said Pollan isn’t really supporting his argument with him saying “Wholesale food are better than Processed food” and in the contrary Freedman goes to the wholesale foods store and he compares the meats saying the whole sale foods meat contains more fat content per an ounce compared to McDonald’s Big Mac, and when Freedman did that experiment with the smoothies he clearly backed up his argument towards Pollan and the differences between the healthier drinks and a McDonald’s smoothie. In my defense, I really don’t care if processed foods are better than wholesale or the other way around. I myself don’t even look what’s bad or good for me when it comes to eating healthy or when I go to fast food restaurant to eat.

When Freedman talks about how the poorer communities can’t afford fresh, healthy foods from the grocery store so instead they go cheap fast food restaurants. I would have to disagree with him because, on rather spending on a forty-dollar trip to a fast food restaurant they can easily go to the supermarket and spend those forty dollars on groceries for the week and make dinner for the week. It’s not that they can’t afford healthy foods they’re just lazy and rather spend their money on fast food which takes less than fifteen minutes to get their food. Take me for example I usually spend forty through fifty dollars a week on going out to eat with my partner instead of going to the supermarket and spending that money on groceries for the week, and it’s not that I’m poor or live in a poor community, it’s that I’m lazy to make food, and this is where I say that it doesn’t matter if you live in a poor community, rich community, no matter what all kinds of people rather spend their money on fast food places and restaurants instead of buying groceries for the families to make dinner.

In his article Freedman makes great arguments and comebacks towards Pollan, He even goes to the whole sale foods and experiments the meat.Also in the begging of his article he goes to three different locations for buying a smoothie; his first two location were too expensive with a lot of calories.His third location was Mc.Donald’s with a two dollar smoothie and way less calories. People can watch their diets and their spending’s on their money, but that’s where laziness comes in, and that’s why the obesity rate is so high in the united States.

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