DSA_Series_FeatureDividedDividedDo you ever look around and feel disconnected to those around you? A lot of people believe we are more divided than ever since trump became president.  However, a Divided States of America has been around for years; and will be around for years to come. We have become so afraid of thy neighbors due to our disagreements over social issues, race, gender, and the economy that we have segregated ourselves. Separation should be between church and state not between diversity and culture.


Ted spoke to Jonathan Haidt’s about his ideas regarding this divide and our tribal nature. I agree with this theory of Tribal nature and it being extremely accurate because it sheds light on the fact that people are instinctively able to come together when in need. While discussing his stance Haidt talked about how “Tribalism allowed us to create large societies and come together in order to compete with others,” when interviewed on Can a divided America heal. When needed, our instincts tell us to work together and look past the differences. When the other is not needed we separate and divide by war and choosing a side. In Haidt’s view it is how our divide has changed from Racial Differences to Cultural Differences and how the more a like we feel we are to our neighbors and community the more trust we have. Immigration and diversity is what makes us different.


Those unfamiliar with Haidt’s thoughts on Trial Nature may be interested to know that people from all over, group up with like-minded similarities. “Throughout human history, societies have not been predominantly based around compassion, but rather around in-group loyalty” as stated in The Tribal Nature of Human Beings- The Republic of Dissent by Edmund Standing. We form bonds with trust and gravitate towards those we can depend on. Due to the way ones choose their political view, sports teams, and even friends are based on a like-mindedness of morals. Since we have similar morals we feel more connected and there is a sense of trust in a way. Though we are well with trade Haidts says we will never achieve world peace due to our diversity and internal conflicts.  A Tribe can grow and disintegrate indefinitely due to these radical changes.

untitled-article-1473458503Being Indian the Tribal Nature really stands out to me. A perfect example of coming together is The Dakota Access Pipeline. Over 200 Native Tribes came to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to show support and try to fight the government as one. They came from tribes all over the U.S. to peacefully resist the pipeline the government is placing. Reports claimed that this is the 1st time that all Sioux Nation (groups) have joined together since 1876. This stand has not only connected tribes but other groups have also come together to show support. Though the pipeline is already in place all walks of life are still fighting with Standing Rock.

29585244001_1bec83276b_oA $3.7 billion project; the Dakota Access Pipeline is an underground Bakken oil field pipeline designed to carry 470,000-570,000 barrels of oil a day. The pipeline travels 1,172 miles from North Dakota traveling through South Dakota and Iowa to get to Illinois where it connects to other pipelines. The Access Pipeline runs along the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation and was originally slated to cross through the Mississippi River but was later relocated upstream. This relocation runs under a main water source for the Reservation and also millions of people downstream who could be at risk if the pipeline breaks and poisons their water source.

dakota-access-pipeline-protest-but-all-i-want-is-clean-14901232This pipeline seems to be more controversial than others may seem to think. On one side of the divide, this pipeline for those who are against it are standing tall with alliances. Many are concerned about the devastation they will face if the line leaks or breaks leaving the water supply in the Standing Rock Reservation tainted and its tribe in chaos and despair.  Along with the land, in which the line is running through, belongs to those of the Sioux Tribe who were not consulted and have been given no choice but to stand by and watch their sacred burial grounds and other cultural areas become destroyed. A study found by Lorne Stockman, ” The Dakota Access Pipeline Would Lock in Emissions of 30 Coal Plants,” a global rise in atmospheric ethane (a greenhouse gas) was found in the shale oil that will be pumped by hundreds of thousands to the market. After the word spread of all the wrong doing this tribe has felt; ended in others rallying behind them for what they feel is justice.

636078192745110006-bakkenpipelineBaxter0000715While some disagree with the Dakota Access Pipeline those in favor do not understand why the tribe and other naysayers do not approve. The construction of this pipeline has been estimated to bring in $129 million in annual tax revenue and bring in 8,000-12,000 in new jobs. This will also help the United States be more energy independent and take away the importing of oil from the Middle East, Russia, and elsewhere. According to the Manhattan Institute “pipelines result in fewer spillage incidents and personal injuries than road and rail” as reviewed by the US Department of Transportation. These pipes being underground make for an ideal location while causing less commotion and accidents from on lookers. This has caused a working class divided by a cultural difference.

imagesIn choosing a side, most are feeling disgruntled and are not receiving all the information being offered. Either by their own unwillingness to listen or by what many fail to do; understand. A culture is coming together to have their voice heard while the working and oil unions are reluctant to explain out of fear of the future ahead. If both sides spoke to each other beforehand the difference would be minuscule to what to has become from lack of trust. If diversity is what makes us different; then listening to understand and not respond can bring us together. Our society can come together or separate at any time; it is what we choose to do.


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