Jacob Langford

Professor Ramos

English 101-40

September 12, 2017

How I learned to build computers

            Do you know how to build a computer? I certainly do and I will explain how I do. So about 4 years back, I used to know little to nothing about the internals of computers and how they tick. I only sort of knew how to use a computer for basic things such as playing flash games through the internet browser, or watching videos via YouTube. I always did wonder how computers did work. Around September of 2013, I was using my Grandpa’s computer (I didn’t own one at the time) to play games when I launched a favorite game of mine, Left 4 Dead 2. I was about a week before this incident, playing it normally. I launched the game and it gave me this dying computer sound, and would not load any of the graphics to the game. It, in other words, did not work. I at first thought it was just a normal error so I restarted the PC. That didn’t fix it. I then searched the error symptoms via Google and found out that it was a graphics error. The reason as to why it happened was due to a bad graphics card, or in this case, no graphics card. I found out that I was having a graphical error, so I looked online to see what I needed to solve it. I then learned that I needed a new graphics card; after I learned what the internal parts were and what their basic functions were. I looked up online what graphics card I could use in this PC, it was a completely stock, big box (bought from a store) computer. I found a graphics card that could work after searching for a while. Later that day I bought that graphics card from Best Buy, and then looked up online as to how to install a graphics card. After following some videos online, I opened the case of the computer, with cautious watching from my Grandma and Grandpa, and installed the new graphics card. “Are you sure that will work?” my grandpa asked sternly with a hint of disdain. “I’m sure it will work.” I said, as I closed the computer shut, and fastened in the thumb screws. I then reconnected all the cables to the PC and booted it up. I was glad to see that the PC then booted up perfectly fine and the hardware change was noticed and accepted. I then launched the game I was going to play and was cheerful that it worked fine. “Thank God.” I muttered out loud, as my grandparents left the room. The day after that, I then was curious as to what the other parts of the computer were, and what they all did. I then came to a thought, “What if I were to build a computer,” and “I want to build a computer.” I then proceeded to look up online as to how to build a computer and what all the parts were.


I looked up many videos on “PC Building”, and “How to build a computer”, and “Gaming Computer Setups”, etc., until I found a video titled: “Newegg TV: How To Build a Computer – Part 1 – Choosing Your Components.” It was a multi-part series. The series was about two years old when I first watched it, but it still contained the information that I needed to, basically, build a pc. The video only covered the basics of PC building, and that first video basically taught me all the parts that are required to build a functional PC. I watched all the videos in that series and continued to watch other PC building videos, but on a more gaming approach rather than a normal everyday approach. After all I wanted to build a GAMING PC, not a lousy, every-day, internet-browsing PC. At the time, I had no way to build a PC, as it was way, way, way, way too much money for me to ask for, and there was no way for me to work for it. So, I within the course of two to three years waited and just did more research on the topic, and delved into the more advanced aspects of it, such as completely custom liquid-cooling, and computer modifications, and custom painting, etc. It was not until February of this year (2017) that I got enough money to buy the parts to build a PC. Now it wasn’t an enthusiast’s PC, nor was it a high-end gaming PC, but rather a low-mid-end gaming PC. I bought the parts and waited for them to arrive. When they all finally did arrive, thanks to the RAM (It took a long time), I put together the PC and booted it up, and waited for it to work. It did boot and I installed Windows 10, and got the computer running. After the PC was ready, I was assured that I knew how to build a PC, and that I could do it, as I have finally did so. Building the PC also helped me further learn more about the internals of a PC, and what the work is like to build something like this. After I build this PC, I was safe to say that I was literate enough in PCs, and their hardware/software to be able to build a PC.


Seven months after I built this PC, the one I am using to write this paper right now, it has been working fine with the only exception of it being, now, outdated. Other than that, I have done many other PC-related things, such as I built a small home server unit, so that I can host video games without issues, and I also have replaced a bunch of things on my laptop, and have had it not crash or break on me. I have also built two computers for my friends, and have had them working for about 2-4 months, without any issues. Also, out of my whole family, on both sides, I am able to say that I am the most technologically fluent one, not bragging, but I can fix, almost any computer problem that they have had to deal with. Recently I have also been asked by another friend to build him a PC when he can get some money, but none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for that graphics card, and my grandpa’s old PC.