Little_GiantIt all began when my little cousin Wise came for a visit ,because his parents had to be out of town for a month. Him and my two other brother Vaitee and Johnny were planning to go play some volleyball and Wise just kept on bugging me to go and play with them. I who had little experience in playing volleyball decided to join them after him bugging me. We began playing the first game, and it felt like i was lost in the middle of nowhere. I was like a dog chasing his tail in the middle of the game because i just ran around attempting to do something while getting in the way of my my brothers and cousin’s way, however that seemed like it helped me increase my awareness of the ball and the people around me. I started seeing volleyball from a different point when playing compared to just watching people from the bleachers. I don’t think that my older brother Vaitee was much of help he kept pushing me to the side instead of let me make mistakes so i can learn myself, however during the games he kept giving me advice along with my younger brother Johnny and my little cousin Wise. In the games i actually score a few points by serve ace,block or just hit. I was kind of surprised myself when i managed to block another player and then later on get a serve ace. So a serve ace is when you serve the ball and it hits the ground inside the court before anyone touches it.Then after a few games it was time to leave and i asked my Johnny and Wise , how did i do? Johnny said “you did better then when I first started” and then my Wise said “you did way better then what i had expected.” i actually did pretty bad in my opinion. Then lastly i asked my Vaitee how did i do he just straight up said “you SUCKED” i was expecting that  because that is the person he is.

When we got home and i asked them what did i need to work on and they said “everything.”I obviously know that and said “what should i focus on the most” and then Wise said “receive.” So receive is when they serve or hit the ball over the net and i must try and put the ball in the air and towards the setter. The setter is one of the most important person on the court because if he or she is out of position then that usually means the team is out of position.The setter is the person who puts the ball in the air for any of the hitters ready to hit and it’s his or her decision to set the ball to anyone except himself or herself because you can’t touch the ball twice. There is a libero who is the most defensive player and he or she  is always in the back. Then there are two front hitters or three, and they are call outside hitters(wing spikers),right side hitter(wing spikers) and there is a middle blocker or middle hitter. Then there is left back and right back where they are also defensive player but are more towards the middle of the court and not as far back as the libero also they can also hit from the back row. When the back row hitters hit they are usually called pipe.Then like many of all the other sports each team has at least one team captain who just keep the team cool and motivate them on the court.  I learned most of these on my own and by watching “Haikyuu.” It’s a Japanese animated TV show that is mainly about volleyball. I feel like it’s really good for beginners who wanna play volleyball and only  knows so little. When i play in a game i feel like i play most comfortable in the front row because i can’t receive that well and i also can’t hit that well so it’s hard for me but i can block.One of the hardest things for me to do is time the ball when the setter sets the ball into the air. I am usually too late or to early and then barely tip the ball over. One of the ultimate thing and hardest thing to do is to dig for a ball.This is when the other team’s spiker hits the ball and your libero or back row barely gets to the ball before it touches the ground.

I feel like volleyball is a pretty hard sport to play because you have to trust your team when doing things because one player cannot do everything on the court on his or her own. When i play i feel like they depend on me to hit or block in the front row. Then when i’m on the back row they also depend me to put the ball in the air. While i was learning how to hit my brother kept of showing and telling me that timing is not there is to hitting. There is also your approach on the ball combine with timing it. The reason why your approach matter is because if you don’t approach right then you can land incorrect and hurt yourself and possibly other people, but then when you have a good approach you usually maximizing your airtime, and also you can have a better swing if your time is right. Vaitee keeps on expecting me to hit and get all of these perfect but i never really get the chance and time to learn these, however i am slow but surely getting it.When Vaitee first tried to show me how to approach by just showing it to me and he is running so fast i don’t even see how he approaches to the ball, but now i get how to do that. All i need now is to time which i still suck at it because that’s the problem with me and sports sometimes. Johnny has been helping me with passing the ball which is pretty hard because i need to put the ball towards a specific area. Instead of telling me to just watch both of us would actually get a ball and pass it back and forth so i can get the experience in passing the ball in a specific location that i want the ball to got to. Which is actually harder than what i had expected but learning with him i learn better but with Vaitee it is way harder but he has way more experience.

In an actual game i would get a few more blocks compared to when i start and now hit way better. One thing i still don’t have down is my receive. When they serve the ball over the net i usually get to the ball to slow or get to the ball but not get it to go in the direction i want it to go to. It is because i am not getting low enough because the serve is too short and i don’t move my legs as fast. I am usually a slow person to react to things because sometimes when i’m playing a sport i feel like my brain is just dead i just don’t think of doing anything. This wasn’t just the only problem when i go up to hit or block i just close my eyes for some reason. I don’t think i’m afraid of it i just close my eyes when i hit or block, it’s kind of weird but i do it. Now i would go out and play with my brothers and learning just by looking how my brothers play and the other teams play. Also i look at where they position themselves in the game and when they do it so i can actually put me in the right position instead of running around like a dog chasing its tail.

I feel like now i’m actually getting there. I am for sure that i am not close to being good but i’m feel like i am improving slowly but surely and every time i play i learn new things or just improve on one or another thing. I feel like my timing on the ball still sucks and i still can’t hit properly but i might be lucky and get off a pretty good hit once or twice.If idownload (6) do ask my brothers and cousin” how good am i now compare to when i started? “They would probably said that you got better but you still need to learn a lot more in order to play competitive with clubs and programs.” I obviously know that i am just scratching the surface of the tree but i’m at least learning something new every time i get on the court. There are still many things i don’t know about and things i still want to learn but it just don’t come that quick to me.