Cyber_security_web_1.pngTyler Watson

Professor Ramos

English 101

October 8, 2017

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the protection of someone’s computer system or their information. The issue of cyber security is becoming more and more important because of the increasing amount of people using computers and other electronics. Many people are exposed to a great amount of risks simply from connecting to the internet. Although it seems that it can be uncommon to have your personal security breached, in recent times hacking is more common than ever so you can never be too safe. Getting some form of virus protection is always a good idea to protect yourself from many vulnerabilities you may have had.

Although this issue is becoming larger there are still a fairly large amount of people who are not so worried about cyber security and security breaches. An example of this is seen in Mihai Lazarescu’s article “Why We Should All Care About Cyber Crime: The Risk to You and Me” he states that “Most organizations do not consider incident handling as a core component of cyber defense.” Some people who may not be too worried about this issue may even see taking precautionary steps as a waste of time and money. The people who usually think like this have most likely never seen the effects of having your security breached. There is a great amount of information that could be at risk from having a security breach such as your address, credit card information, and more depending on what information you have put out on your computer. Even people who do not share any personal information are still at risk from being attacked whether it be from passwords being stolen or even damage to their hardware.

There have also been many times where businesses and large corporations have been targeted for multiple reasons. The most common reason that businesses or corporations are attacked is because the attacker is seeking some sort of financial gain. An example of this is “In early 2007, American apparel and home goods company TJX announced that it was the victim of an unauthorized computer system intrusion and that the hackers had accessed a system that stored data on credit card, debit card, check and merchandise return transactions.” Medical records are also commonly targeted to use in identity theft or health insurance fraud. Recently in the past few years businesses have been aiming their focus on preventing any form of security breaches more than ever. Companies are beginning to realize that these data breaches are a serious issue that can be very costly and can greatly affect their company in a negative way. As a result, these businesses have been putting a greater amount of their money towards their security for their own safety as well as the safety of their consumers.

Security awareness is beginning to become more encouraged on nearly all websites as well as in work places. As shown in Kevin J. Soo Hoo’s Paper “How Much is Enough? A risk-Management Approach to Computer Security” he states that “Instituting a large-scale security awareness program aimed at employees to encourage them to improve their security practices, such as using better passwords, locking computers when not in use, watching for suspicious behavior, etc.” An example of practicing cyber security would be to upgrade all your software and hardware with the latest versions and security patches. Another tool used to practice cyber security in both the work place and in a home environment is through the use of encryption of sensitive information. Encryption is the process of converting data or information into a code in order to prevent unauthorized access of data such as word documents, personal information, etc.

Cyber Security for businesses can be very costly but the fact that businesses are willing to invest so much of their money shows how important cyber security is to businesses in today’s computer driven society. People often do not consider the cost that goes into protecting information. For example, many businesses and organizations dedicate an entire team solely to providing cyber security for the business. Soo Hoo shows an example of how much a security management team costs on average in his article when he states, “The management team is assumed to consist of a director ($400,000 fully loaded annual salary) and a small staff of

2-4 people ($200,000 fully loaded annual salaries on average) with an annual budget of $100,000 for security activities.” Even small things such as basic anti-virus software and malware protection can add up to be costly pricing at an average of $150,000 for large businesses. Whereas encryption tends to be much more pricey costing an average of $1 million – $1.1 Million for large businesses.

I personally feel that society should be more cautious of the information that they put out over the internet. I also believe that this topic is a fairly serious issue towards anyone but especially for people who own businesses and even more important to the government. The response to breaches would firstly be to identify the attacker but experienced attackers can be very difficult to identify and locate because they are often able to cover their tracks. More recently the number of attacks and attempted attacks are so large that organizations are unable to spend their time attempting to pursue every individual attacker that is out there. Cyber security is also known as such a difficult issue to deal with because even when going to the law enforcement, or the police, a majority of individuals lack the skills to pursue these attackers which causes the overall rate of security breach crimes being left undealt with to rise day after day.

Overall, this issue is a serious one that nearly anyone can be affected by. The majority of society should take more precaution when using the internet due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks. Even though this problem is not as talked about as it should be, it is still an issue that is not going away and should be taken seriously. These attacks cannot only affect individuals but companies, businesses, and corporations as well. Therefore, cyber security is something that cannot be currently completely protected from these attacks but it is always important to be aware of this issue and to take actions that can protect your personal information in any way.


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