Are games affecting the education of students from k-12 and college? A controversial conversation is if games are affecting the education of the student. So lately many parents are constantly worked up and saying that their kids is always playing too much games and are not focusing on their school work. This which may be true in some cases may also be false in some cases. Many studies show that both of these have valid evidence behind them to back them and prove that games are actually affecting the student’s education for good and bad. Both of these sides has a good side to it and a bad side to it.Some may say that  games are for stress relieving and it actually makes the students grades better ,but there are some that oppose it ,they may say that games are actually making grades worst or games takes out too much time and the student does not have enough time for studying and doing homework. Are you with the people who think games are for the good of education or do you think against it because you think games are not helping education at all.

Let’s start off with how games help the education of student from grades k-12 and further. Study shows that games help makes students gamers learn a lot better because they learn new and more things in the games.It makes their learning process also faster because they are always learning more new things in game and out of games.So a text written by Han-Yu Sung and Gwo-Jen Hwang said “From the experimental results, it is found that the Mindtool-integrated collaborative educational game not only benefits the students in promoting their learning attitudes and learning motivation, but also improves their learning achievement and self-efficacy owing to the provision of the knowledge organizing and sharing facility embedded in the collaborative gaming environment.”This pretty much means that the students who does play games learns better and their learning function is better because the have a motivation to learn something.Then an article by James Paul Gee wonder that “As an educator, I realized that this was just the problem our schools face how do you get someone to learn something long, hard, and complex, and yet still enjoy it?” then he came to a conclusion that said   “I became intrigued by the implications that good video games might have for learning in and out of schools”( Gee,34)This backs up the point that videogames are and is a good reason learning from games is a fairly good way to learn helps people learn better. Also images (1)games helps with communicating with buddies and an article by Jane Weaver said that “Video games are also a way guys bond with their buddies; 51 percent of men believing that gaming improved their friendship with friends.”It also seems like game maybe a stress reliever from any type of class.

Knowing that there are many good reason to  games affecting education there are also many bad reason that games affecting education for the worst. A study from Taiwan said “both gender and video game addiction are negatively associated with academic achievement”. This scientist pretty much stated that many student who are addicted to games have lower academic achievement and grades.Later in the article it also said that “a group with high video game addiction has more hostility than others and family function, sensation seeking, gender, and boredom have statistically positive relationships with levels of social skills.” This shows that many students prefer to just stay in their room and play game instead of going out. It also increase their hostility because some of these games has such things as lag which makes their gaming time not fun at all and they may rage in front of a computer screen. So lag may increase their hostility and force them away from society.With this information many people think of gamers as loners who just sit in their room all day but many are not as it seems. Many gamers actually interact with people in game and their friends in the game even if they are not able to see each other face to face they might feel like they are actually feel like they are face to face because of unique game functions.

So according to an article named  “The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games” it stated that a University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green said “playing video games change the brain’s physical structure the same way as do learning to read, playing the piano, or navigating using a map and it’s very much like exercise can build muscle, the powerful combination of concentration and rewarding surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine strengthen neural circuits that can build the brain.” This is interesting because it pretty much said that learning from playing video game is a lot like learning to play a piano or read a map. Then later on in the article it said “playing games makes the player have and learn more creative way to complete a task.” This backs up the point that student learn many types of way to complete task and have a different unique way of learning even though you are learning to do two different  types of task.Later on in the article it then talks about the bad of gaming and education. In the article it said said “Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and decreased prosocial helping, according to a scientific study (Anderson & Bushman, 2001).” This shows that even though they may learn a lot they also learn of violent behaviors from the games that they play which is not good even if they learn.This article also said that many of the gamer lose their ability to interact with the outside world since they have been only gaming for so long.
In the end there is not just a good or bad in Games affecting education. In the conversation many parents still believe that games are one of the biggest reason for the son or daughter failing in class even though this may not be 100 percent true.The learning process is indeed true because when you learn one thing trying to learn another is also a lot the same. Also the learning process help you learn faster. Also sometimes games may motivate a student to be attentive in the lesson at school because in their games has something that relate to it. Some may even say that playing games allows the student to be able to practice focusing  on one thing better compare to some people who just can’t focus at all.Through and through those may be the good points but like what was written there are actually bad reason for a student to be playing too much gams. Some student just shun the society and focus mainly on games because they love it so much. many  student learn to be violent from specific games because in those games there are violent scenes where they have to play.Nowadays there are thousands of 4501983_origviolent game that attract millions of players and they attract the players just only because of the violent part in the games.Now this is bead because these students who have violent behaviors actually commit crimes which is bad ,however in all some of these cases about student not having good grades because of games may not be true and not true at the same times even if statistics says it .


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