Weston Campbell


ENG 101

Many people think the solution in gun control is to put a ban on guns completely once and for all, but there is much more to the discussion. In the hot topic of gun control, there are many perspectives which makes it a big mess of arguments and with many mass shootings happening in America the topic is gaining more and more attention. It’s not as easy as putting a sweeping ban of all fire arms to save us from more horrific shootings, we must look how to protect different kinds of potential victims while also keeping guns out of the hands of killers. How can we achieve something like this in a nation with 300 million guns? Gun control is and has been a rising topic with many different perspectives on what should be done to fix the violence in America and is becoming a bigger topic with recent events and many want to re think how we distribute guns and how to reduce deaths by guns every year.

It is seemingly impossible to keep these guns away from the wrong people, so what can we do to counter this issue? Some say conceal and carry is an option as said in this quote, “you can level the playing field by giving law abiding citizens a chance to defend their bodies and their property.” The counter-argument, of course, is that making guns more easily available is likely to lead to increased levels of injuries and fatalities. The 2011 incident, a fatal accident at a party, would seem to lend support to this view.” (Amberidge). So, conceal and carry can help, but isn’t going to make a significant difference in this issue because, as the article said, it would make it easier to get weapons which will lead to even more deaths. More guns mean more deaths as this quote from cjcj says, “Messner (1983) tested the “southern sub-culture of violence” hypothesis and found that southern regions may exert statistically significant effects on homicide rates due to higher firearm ownership levels even when other important factors such as race are controlled.” (Valle), so we look at other counties and see what they do differently to help with gun issues. After researching, one see’s that America has the most guns and has many loopholes that make it easy to obtain deadly illegal guns. Any person with the right amount of experience and motive, can modify weapons to enhance their killing capabilities which allows one person to kill many people very fast. Would banning the bump-stock modification for rifles help reduce the number of deaths in mass shootings like the recent tragedy in Las Vegas? Where the shooter had the bump-stock modification which makes the shooters rifle have an enhanced rate of fire? Yes, actually the NRA supports banning this weapon modification as it is one of the reasons the body count in Vegas was so high.

In an article from omics online, “Koper reached the conclusion in his study that there were mixed effects in reducing gun related crimes due to various exemptions and loopholes in the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.” (H). This helps explain that putting one solution on one big problem, such as gun control, doesn’t fix it. With there being the ease to obtain a weapon by passing a background check and the problem with illegal weapons and modifications it gets to the point of where we need to be focusing on the potential victims of these shootings by “focusing on a range of tactics to protect the different kinds of potential victims and reforming potential killers, not from sweeping bans focused on the guns.” (Libresco). In this article the author also goes into specifics on groups of people that are affected by guns and what solutions can be in placed to help them. She says for the suicides by firearm of the largest group, who are men, need to have accessible help so they can get the needed care. For the women who are threatened by their abusive partner with firearms, should be helped by placing restraining orders and keeping those dangerous men from obtaining and owing guns. And lastly for the younger man who can cause violence and have serious mental health issues must be identified so they can be prevented from causing violence.

It is known that America has the most guns out of anywhere else in the world. And more guns mean more accidents, “Americans die from gunfire in proportions unparalleled in the civilized world because Americans own guns in proportions unparalleled in the civilized world.” (Frum). In this article from The Atlantic explains the rules for the debate of gun control. I like this article because I found myself agreeing with its rules because there are priorities in this discussion such as needing to focus on unusual types of guns and illegal weapon enhancements. Requiring gun owners to carry gun insurance won’t have the same effect as having house insurance because it’s a bad approach to the whole thing. It is an illusion to think that one technical fix will save American lives without reducing guns.

In conclusion, America has a huge problem with weapons and its history of violence. It comes down to how we are going to tackle this issue as more American blood is shed every year more than our own soldiers are. Maybe the second amendment needs some adjustment because the founding fathers didn’t expect one man to be able to take the lives of many in a short amount of time. The second amendment was placed to protect us from unjust government or to protect yourself. Home protection is the most regular way of owning guns to me because you aren’t doing it for hobby necessarily, but instead for defense only. So, the discussion of guns is quite extensive with many angles on the solutions and different cultures and people who think we should reform the constitution to work with today’s problems and situations. And some believe that it should still stay the same as it was written even though it’s already changed many times. Reducing guns in America will be what makes a big difference and working towards protecting the various communities and people who are threatened by shootings and other attacks. As more information and research about these attacks come out and more input is received from many scholarly people with the right kinds of minds to find a solution that helps reduce American deaths and mass killings because of illegal guns and deadly gun enhancements. Putting a system like this in place will set up a better place for everyone to live in and be safe and not have to worry about mass shootings at events in very populated and high targeted areas. Once this is done we will start to see reducing of shootings hopefully for a much more peaceful future for America.







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