Not like many children at a young age, I began to play the Saxophone. In elementary school, I was the first to join an orchestra and had the most amazing opportunity to be able to perform at the California Theater in downtown San Bernardino. To this day I am still astounded that, that was me. Growing up, I stopped completely and now I have lost all the knowledge that I have learned to play the saxophone. I used to know how to read, and sight music, also play the saxophone, all the teachings that my music teacher, Mr. Martinez, I lost within the years of growing up. I picture to this date, how my life would have been different if I would have kept pursuing to play the saxophone.


Throughout the teaching that Mr. Martinez (music teacher) showed me the essentials, he thought me were the keys were on the saxophone, and letter they were. For that first week of practice I had to memorize it so when every time we meet we could have move forward with our session it was very critical because he had other school to go to so it very important for me to listen what he was saying and learn it. I remember when I finally open the book Standard of Excellence for the saxophone I was lost I did not know what I was looking at all I saw was notes everywhere with separate groupings since I already knew the keys all I had to do now was which notes were the keys were on the chart. He also thought me how to blow threw the reed in order to get that perfect note just blowing through the nozzle was it I had to control my breathing too. Even though it was only half an hour a session for the class I had to practice at home. I remember every day when I got home I had rush and do my homework and practice the music chart he wanted me to run-through so when we meet again he ask me some quick question and move forward with are session the faster I push myself the better it for us to learn new things.


During that time, it was also first time that my school was offering music class I was the first one to attend at that time. No one was really interested on playing but I was the first to break the barrier I remember Mr. Martinez wanted to do something he wanted to do a performance during a school assembly in order to have other students joined the class. We practice for one month until the day I was bit nervous I never performed. The faculty was excited because every day they herd us played in the library telling us we sounded great plus students and my friends were also watching us asking that we were cool. When that day came to perform I wasn’t nervous anymore because I was ready, my parents came to watch me, and they were excited of the performance and friends as well. Soon after parents wanted to sign their kids to the music class and instructor was happy that we were able inspired kids to join us.


When I was in fifth grade it was the best year of my life I was able to perform at the California Theater in down town San Bernardino with orchestra that school district they had created I was invited to join them. Every morning I had to wake up around 5 and be ready by 6 a.m. to meet the others at 7 at Riley Elementary in San Bernardino. At that age who wakes up at that time, but I did because we were practicing being ready to perform at the theater. I remember they put us into groups to which instruments you played. I didn’t know anybody because I was the only one in my school to there. We had to practice two songs we were performing it was also a challenge because it was my first time I had to work in a group we had to play in a rhythm and we had to instance are self, so we won’t miss up. We also had two months to rehearsal and those two months flew by so fast. All I remember when November came I was nervous because Mr. Martinez (music teacher), Ms. Ganesh (fifth grade teacher), Principle from my elementary, and my family where all going to be there. When that day came I was so prominent all the determination we put to get there was overwhelming. My family was so proud of me and the excitement of my teachers and principle were after the performance was ecstatic.


After the performance was over and the excitement was done, realty hit my music teacher wasn’t going to be teaching at this district anymore. He was going to be teaching at a different district outta state. During the time we had I was able to go beyond and finish both volumes he assigned to me in the beginning of are session and I was the only one of my school to finish it and received an award. Once that was done I had no teacher anymore the school had no funds to hire a new teacher so if you wanted to play music again you had to go to a different school. By then it was already close to the end of the school year and I was already going to go to middle school. I was already 13th also I wasn’t into playing alto saxophone anymore school wasn’t bad it I didn’t offer the same as my elementary wasn’t fun. Also, the friends I made in the school band also went to same middle school I went but they also lost the touched of playing for a bit, but they went else were to get thought but they had to pay at that time my parents didn’t have the money to do it. Little by little I just lost interest on not playing anymore and that’s one thing I should not give up.


One thing I do regret is I should have not given up playing. I always imagine how far I could have gone if I didn’t give up playing and how my life would have been different. Or the people I inspired to joined music class and how fun it was to performed on stage.