Once I started high school I decided to join the athletics apartments, so I could have fun, and get into shape as well. During school I heard on the announcements that the school were having a meeting for track and field during lunch in the one-hundred wing, so I went to the track and field meeting to see what it was, and this classroom was filled to the max, and there wasn’t enough space for myself to sit, so I remained standing through the whole meeting. After, the coaches were handing out a sign-up sheet for activities to go for, so I signed up for long distance, sprinting, high jump , and throwing as well. We could only be in four events at the time.

So once I got my names for all those activities for track and field , I started showing up for practices, and I had no clue what I was doing. I went up to a fellow classmate I knew in one of my classes and asked her what we were supposed to do, and she said , “just wait until the coach tells everyone what to do .” So we just waited for a couple of minutes and we talked , and etc.

Once I got used to showing up for track and field I got used to the routine and didn’t have to ask coaches what we are doing each day. It all came naturally to me . I would go to practice from two to four-thirty o’clock throughout the week. Our practices were so strenuous, that I would want to just fall over and fall asleep. Some days of practices were strenuous or non-strenuous , it depended on what our coaches wanted us to do before our meets or after our meets.

On practices I would run back and forth to each event and do many different workouts for my events were: throwing, high jump, sprinting, and long distance. So, I had to maintain different routines and different stances for each events I had as well. I worked hard and earned my spot in track and field during my four years of high school and were placed in varsity all four years. It was very hard to maintain my spot on varsity all four years but, I had to push myself and keep telling myself that I could do it, not to give up , keep striving for my scores, and to be competitive towards others, so I could maintain my spot on varsity all four years . I pushed myself non-stop each day and would improve each day in each events I were in. There were sometimes that I thought I couldn’t push myself further that I already had pushed myself but , I was wrong because , I ended up pushing myself alot more towards the last two years of high school and would put in triple the amount of practices , and working out to maintain my spots on varsity too.


My goal since freshman year was to be able to get to States Championships for all my events that I was in. I had made it to States my senior year, because of my coach Ms.Townsend would always tell me,” If you don’t give it your all, then you will not accomplish your goals to make it to States Championships.” So my feelings when my coach told me that I was very upset and made me push myself more. My freshman to junior year of high school I had placed in all my leagues within first or second place, and I ended up making it to Leagues and would come in third or fourth places for all my events. Leagues to myself were the most important to me while in track and field. Leagues was the place that I knew I could push myself even more because there are tons of girls who are better than me and I knew if I had competition I would be able to succeed more and place an excellent score as well. Going to Leagues each year had made me learn more about what I needed to work on, and to look at when I am doing my stances wrong , Or I learn new stances, learn how to use them ,and accomplished them while practicing during track. Once I had gotten all the stances and approved my scores each year the following year when track came I would achieve my goals. When invites and meets came I’d be ready , and I would score the highest out of hundred girls in the league. I would placed first and second in the leagues for all my events.

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Then finally , senior year had came around and I was stoked because I knew that I would be going to States Championships this year , and wanted to go each year but couldn’t because I would be off by a couple of measures, feets, or distances. Then I had improved since the last three years and knew for a fact that I were going to States Championships because I’d been working on all stances and etc. I had gone to Leagues my senior year , and I placed in three events and one of my events I had to re-do it because I had gotten tied with another girl from Arroyo Valley high school , and they wanted us to see who was going to States , so we both had to re-do our throws but we had two throws and our furthest one would be the final measure. So we were both on pins and needles and trying to do our best so we could move onto States , So we were very nervous and both wanted to go but , only one of us were going to States. We threw our two rounds and we had to wait for the coaches to measure them and figure out who was going to States as well. Once the coaches got done they told us our scores and my score was ten feet further than the girl from Arroyo Valley which she had twenty-seven feet. When I found out that I out threw her I was so stoked and couldn’t believe that I was going to States and I was so excited as well.

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I practiced for a couple of weeks before States came up and I would push myself to the point that I couldn’t even stand up while I were throwing , and i couldn’t finish practice too. So I was worried that at States that I would do the same and not be able to do my best too. When I got to States I had butterflies in my stomach and I was so nervous because it was my first year at States and I really wanted do my best too. When I got into the ring to throw I was nervous and I messed up my stance and was very upset. After the first throw I was thinking to myself that I would not give up and keep striving for what I had worked for and couldn’t give it all up either. So I knew I had to push myself ,even though I was struggling but , I still had to give it my all to finish my senior year. I came in twenty- fifth place out of two hundred girls in States. I was proud because I came in a decent place and I got a States Championships patch afterwards.

My lesson for track and field was not to give up something that you had started because you never know were that will take you in life, and always strive for anything your great at and keep going on that path too. We all need to push ourselves towards a goal, so we can strive for that accomplishment that we have been trying to achieve.

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