Learning about the drug cartel from documentary and soap operas; to actual news from murders, smuggling and kidnapped. From the recent capture of El Chapo Guzman back in 2016 being the most wanted similar to the same rank as Pablo Escobar. After El Chapo Guzman capture on January 8, 2016 he was sent to maximum prison somewhere in the U.S. El Chapo isn’t the only drug lord in Mexico. There is a lot more drug lords like him like Ismael Zambada Garcia aka “El Mayo” and Rafael Caro Quintero, both running different organization in Mexico. Mexico seen as the poor, most violent crime acts and drug war country. Their other drug lords that are in other country’s that’s made its main consumer which is United States being the easier target to smuggle drugs into. In the article “Only Two Cartels Are Left in Mexico,’ Government Official Claims” (2015), Gorbea and Noel address that the major two drug gang are the “Sinaloa Cartel” and the “Jalisco New Generation Cartel” that have been developed since the 90s; however, theirs 5 more small organizations in Mexico. Pablo Escobar being one of the most popular Colombian Narco, was killed off on a rooftop running from the police, Mexican cartels stepped up to the plate as there was an open position after his down fall. His story has been spread around soap operas and Netflix series called “Narcos”.drug_traffic


The well-known Colombian cocaine distributors Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder were the big players of drug trafficking cocaine in the late 70s. According to the article “The Cocaine King: Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel” (2015), it illustrates that in 1970s there weren’t major distributors, marijuana was the only product being smuggled into the U.S by Cubans, they also smuggled cocaine but mostly in Miami Florida. Carlos Lehder was wealthy enough that they purchased the Bahamas airport making it easier to transport cocaine into U.S. (Miller). That Pablo irritated at Carlos saying “I got 80,000 kilos of cocaine sitting here and has to be delivered all around the world what are you going to do?” (American Hero’s Channel). Hiring a TWA pilot named Adler Berriman, that soon was captured by the DEA and had to do a sting on Pablo Escobar, had to transport the product to Louisiana swaps but drop them without landing. There’s a movie about his life called “American Made” came out Sept. 26, 2017.  Pablo Escobar controlling 80% of the cocaine that was distributed in the U.S was making 68 Million a day. Rich enough that he hired scientist to smuggle cocaine two crazy type of ways. Liquid cocaine and plastic cocaine. Jeans that were drenched in liquid cocaine leaving no odor was easily passed over (Genios Del Mal). Plastic cocaine was able to be transported like merchandise taking the form of toys or stools and to turn it back to cocaine was to shave it down then pour acid leaving the element of cocaine then heating it up to making it back to its natural form (Genios Del Mal). Pablo Escobar was committed to hustling to make his money, also putting him as the most wanted man in the world. December 2, 1993 after his death by gun fire by the DEA and Carlos Ledher being turned in to the authorities by Pablo for disrespecting him, it was the fall of the medillin cartel and the 80% of cocaine supply to the U.S was gone which then raise of the Mexican cartel came to play.


The Mexican cartels originally started in the 80s by the Sinaloa Cartel was run by El Chapo Guzman. In the 1980s where a godfather that goes by the name Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo was part of the Guadalajara Cartel. Felix Gallardo founder of Guadalajara Cartel that was partnered with Rafael Caro Quintero and Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo that were all transporters of marijuana and heroin. Felix Gallardo, Rafael Quintero and Ernesto Carrillo down fall was the murder of an American undercover agent born in Mexico Enrique “kiki” Camarena, found brutally tortured. Being locked up since 1989 Patrick J. Mcdonnell from the Los Angeles Times recent article reports that in “court decision, Gallardo was ordered to make the equivalent of $1.18 million in reparation payments, presumably to the families of the victims” (McDonnell). Gallardo being in his 70s has lost everything in his drug traffic business, do to the fact that after his arrest everyone spit up, giving El Chapo more power since he used to work with Guadalajara Cartel. Amado Carrillo Fuentes became the leader of the Juarez Cartel. Still in prison Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo still calling the shots in prison created the Tijuana Cartel. The Zetas is organization that is unknown who runs the organization but is gang that is kidnaps and kills to put fear in their turf. With the splits of every Narco running their own turfs it created lots of rivals which became the Mexican Drug War.


Drug Trafficking didn’t start with the mafia but was first taken part in the 19th century when the Chinese used marijuana as a pain reliever being spread in china town 1800s. The Mafia then took part by bring it to New York from the European countries. The fact that new rivals have their ways to make business from: kidnapping, oil theft human smuggling, extortion, turf wars, drugs etc. There’s always going to be someone that would want the life style of making millions in a day. Which also means that the black market has so much value for consumers to want more. So would it ever end? Not any time soon seeing that money is power.



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