Gender inequality would not be considered such a serious issue if it did not create a number of difficulties. Gender equality is a topic that can be brought up in political and religious ideologies, social environments and workplaces. Research has shown that heterosexual men tend to be more negative toward gay men than women. Based on attitudes toward homosexual behaviour and homosexual persons (Kite & Whitley, 1996). Gender differences in attitudes toward gay men’s civil rights are less clear. Hostile sexism, male toughness, and attitudes toward males are some of the factors on how straight men and women have different views on today’s society but also affects how both are treated. Sexism is usually a term used to describe an unfair portrayal or possibly discrimination against women but men also have to endure such acts. You don’t hear too much out of the unfair treatment of men due to society viewing them as the main and only wrong doers. Men with their own children showing them affection possibly at a local park will be labeled potential predators due to the fact that men are guilty until proven innocent. The main concern that needs to be addressed is the prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination of men.

What is Hostile sexism? In short the term tries to explain only the female portion of the problem where women are referred to as weak and needing a male to protect them. Many factors play into this such as prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis of gender. Men have this perception that men are only aggressive, rude, and not showing emotion. The little research that has been conducted with college men suggests that experiences of gender prejudice may be relatively common, yet the range of frequencies in studies has varied. “In one daily diary study of college students’ experiences of gender prejudice, students reported experiencing an average of 39 gender prejudice events over the course of 14 days, leading to an average of 2.8 events per day, with no significant gender differences in frequency of reported events (Brinkman & Rickard, 2009). As noted above, Kearney and Rochlen’s (2012)”(College men). What does it mean? It gives confirmation to that men are perceived to be the only ones at fault when it comes to sexism. We typically hear about on the news how women are the victims and even by other men they will agree to a problem of sexism towards women. Where is the support for the other side? How many times have we seen a man actually come out and try and defend himself because he felt violated only for other men to trash him down for “Not being a real man”. Followed by women arguing that what we experience is nothing like what they have to go through. Which in reality it’s true that we don’t have to endure the same kind of abuse as women but that doesn’t excuse the fact that there are many forms of gender prejudice. Say that a woman makes an offensive joke about a man, but if you think about it if the situation is reversed, it is an eye opener as to how imbalanced the world we live in is. As a society, we need to continue to encourage people to go beyond stereotypes and recognize the contributions that each individual, whether or not if they are man or woman.

Discrimination. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. The thing about discrimination is that it’s all about the eye of the beholder.“On the other hand, men often see behavior that women characterized as harassment, as just good fun or even complimentary. It can be inferred from the above finding that a difference might exist in perception of sexual harassment between male and female students in the University.”(Gender Differences). That being said that it is a possibility that a form of discrimination and possibly sexual harassment goes on against men that may not be considered one for women. They may not be as obvious because it seems the standard of sexism or sexual harassment seems to be biased and revolved with women at the center. How many people have you heard that men have to deal with sexism and its a problem? Only those affected by it will vouch for other men. As we are aware we know that when we see for example a Carl’s jr ad and it involves a woman who is fairly thin and in a bikini. They are objectifying women for their bodies and are assigning a role to a gender that happens as well to men. Say a woman is at a park taking photography of the children. What if a man were to do it? Like in my video a man will be confronted and is assumed to be a predator or a creep for something that can be as innocent as playing with your own kid on the playground.
What is gender stereotyping? Gender stereotyping can be defined as overgeneralization of characteristics, differences, and also attributes of a group based on their gender. Gender stereotypes usually can make the acceptance, judgment, or even bias of characteristics or traits that apply can be applied to both genders. If a man or a woman act differently from how their gender is assumed to behave, then they don’t conform to the norm. If a man or a woman acts differently like if a woman is very firm and straight forward she might be called a “bitch” or maybe a “slut. While if men don’t live up to the male toughness standard society looks down on them and they can be considered a “pussy” or even called “gay”. Gender stereotyping basically gets rid of what people’s gender are. Gender identity can be defined as how the person feels on the inside. It doesn’t matter whether the person is super macho or feminine..Gender stereotypes are a problem because they create unequal or unfair treatments. This type of behavior usually leads to sexism. As in my video, there is a portion of the video where it talks about a man’s experience with an airline where he was asked to move seats just for being a man. The main problem is that just because he is an adult male he posses a “threat” to these two children that are sitting next to him. The real question is why is it that they fear? They discriminated against him and made him feel as though he had done something wrong. The airline could have made it where he is moved to a new seat but due to the situation but to ask around for a female to take his place is absurd. As if him just being a male is such a cause for danger to those children he needs to be removed to another seat to “prevent” a possible scenario that most likely wouldn’t happen. There are other examples in today’s society where things that men have to do get overlooked at. Such as who has to pay for the movie and or dinner as well. We are judged based on this that shouldn’t be so one sided. Women express about equality then why is it that they shouldn’t pay? Take turns even? Society molds our way of thinking and it justifies these inequalities due to the “standard”. Just like the male has to be the main “breadwinner”. Why is it that the male has to be the head of the household? There is nothing wrong with a woman in a position of power or in a position of greater financial stability than a man, but with the judgemental views of both men and women a man being below a woman is considered weak and needing help. Men are even assuming roles that typically only women held in the past but now with times changing hopefully it can be addressed and accepted as normal.
In conclusion, sexism affects all of us. Not just women. Although we have different forms of it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. It has been around for a very long time. From people being prejudice,discrimination, and also stereotyping it has molded society into what it is today. We can create an equality that everyone can be happy but it will be no easy task. Due to underlying issues as even deep as human nature. Human nature as in our thought process and our instinct to judge something or form an opinion about it. It’s something we can’t help. We are in a time of age where things have changed but its still a process. Not too long ago in history we ourselves discriminated openly against women and people of a different race within the last 200 hundred years. Men’s suffering are usually in silence but if women can fight for a right we all deserve than it should be reasonable that men get the same respect and acceptance as well.
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