Gender Equality is a widely talked about topic with vastly different points of views. Many believe the genders should be equal just like many people disagree with this idea of men being pulled down to a woman’s level. The idea of equality is not just about women and men being on the same playing field, it is also about how all things feminine can be viewed as weak and could hurt all things masculine. A post on Tumblr explains it really well, “The point of the word feminist, and the feminist movement, has never been to say that women are better than men. The point is that women and things associated with women have been given a lesser place in society and we want to bring those things up to a place of equality” (castiel-knight-of-hell). Then they continue with the fact that men are viewed as “ less of a man” if they show anything that can be viewed as feminine (castiel-knight-of-hell). This idea that men are less than for being feminine comes from this idea that women are less than and men should not be brought down to that level.343a98b4ce361b643a6f86ea18e8fc80 This essay is meant to change the view on this opinion with a video of a Google ad as well as explaining the controversy of this topic and how men can and should be in support of this movement and lastly, with the statistics of countries who have equality of gender.

For International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2018, Google released a commercial titled Searching for Gender Equality. This video has been viewed as controversial just based off of the likes and dislikes on it along with all of the comments, both good and bad. This video is an ad for google and all the top searches pertaining to women as well as the future. The video starts off with a popular song called Confident by Demi Lovato, released in 2015, with strong trumpets and snapping as the music builds to a march kind of tune. The opening words are “The world is searching for gender equality more than ever before” and proceeds to show the search list of gender equality in tons of countries and regions. It continues with percentages of women in power till the music does a beat drop on “the world is seeking answers” and lists google searches with historical scenes behind it such as the women’s march for the right to vote as well as women marching in the military. Parallels such as this continue on with the questions on gender equality continuing over top. It transitions to how to take action with top questions in states and countries all over the world till it pans out to earth and listing searches for the metoo movement in many different languages. Then it transitions to speaking out and lists women who are speaking out for their beliefs as well as telling their stories. Lastly, it transitions to the future is female, which is where the title came from, and how the future is vastly different from the past.

This ad is meant for both women as well as men because it is meant to represent equality for all. Searching for Gender Equality has all three characteristics: pathos, logos, as well as ethos in such a short amount of time. To start off, this ad has pathos as it appeals more towards women as it is meant for International Women’s Day and it uses emotional appeal through the empowering sounding music as well as the message in the video. The Google ad also used logos through the fact it mentions statistics of female led companies as well as shows some images of history. Lastly, ethos is portrayed because Google is the number one search engine and is used worldwide by a large populice of people. This entire ad is meant to support and continue to encourage people to become more informed. The audience this is meant for is more towards women, specifically women who are celebrating International Women’s Day but it is not just narrowed down to women because it also affects men. The affect this video had was a big one, both good and bad but the best thing Google did was the placement of when this ad came out. This ad was specifically meant for International Women’s Day and it came out the day before in preparation for the day dedicated for women. The idea of this being an ad specifically for International Women’s Day is a similar idea to ads being specific for the olympics or even just any holiday. It is a smart way to get the attention of a specific demographic, especially for those who are feminists and women celebrating International Women’s Day.

Gender equality is a relatively controversial topic that many people fight over, especially when the word Feminism comes into play. Feminism, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is “the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”. Another definition being “organized activities on behalf of women’s rights and interests” (Merriam-Webster). Unlike many views people have about feminism, feminism is equality of the genders and not the belittling of the male gender, which is actually called misandry, “a hatred of men” and is the opposite of misogyny, “a hatred of women” (Merriam-Webster). 3a04a8216eaf8b660e94f9a6a1f10337-e1520923706504.jpgThe reason behind the controversy usually begins with the meaning of feminism and how many people do not know the dictionary definition and they don’t know where their definition is from. A major misconception regarding feminism is the whole debacle about men and what it means for them. Although feminism is the “name of the game”, men still want to know what this means for them and where they stand in regards to women becoming equal to men. Well, according to Michael Kimmel, a male feminist and a TED Talk speaker, feminism is not just meant for women, but men should also be a part and help out with what these women are fighting for. He talks about how gender equality is so much better for jobs and society as well as schooling and then he continues on to talk about how it actually is good for men as well as how society has changed and men in general have changed in his TED Talk Why Gender Equality is Good for Everyone – Men Included. He explains this by using a riddle about a son and father in a car crash and the dad dies upon impact and so the ambulance takes the son to the hospital and the doctor says “I can’t treat him, this is my son” and then goes on to explain how kids when he was young could not figure this out so he posed this riddle to his 16 year old son and his friends as an experiment and the kids all answered right away with “the doctor’s the mom”, except his son who said the kid could have two dads. In general, society has changed and expectations have changed to where men can have this equal opportunity of being a dad as well as a worker and are able to rely on their wife to also balance the same thing. Thanks to gender equality, this is not only possible but now expected and thanks to that change, it has benefited men as well. Feminism is not just for women but men too.

Gender equality affects everyone and is vastly different in many regions of the world. According to a study of the Global Gender Gap Report, Mapped: the best (and worst) countries for gender equality lists the top 20 countries with the best gender equality and starts with Iceland having the most gender equality to the 20th most gendered equals being Latvia. The statistics on the Global Gender Gap Report, education is higher in the countries with better equality for the genders than it is for other countries with little to no equality of the genders which shows the proof of the benefits of gender equality but it is not all about education. The politics, economy and health are all affected by the outcomes of gender equality and how it can positively affect the country as a whole. Health, politics, economy, and education are not things that many people would expect to be affected by gender equality but with the genders being more and more equal in these countries, the higher rate there is for women and men to raise the education scores as well as men and women being a part of politics and the economy with equal paying jobs and no wage gap. The health aspect can be affected due to the jobs and more women being put into positions of high pay which could very well be in the medical field meaning the research of health and studies on diseases could be advanced with a wider range of people to be studying and working in these fields. Advancements are all around when gender equality is in place and the change is extremely gratifying when censuses go out and one can see the advancements due to the equality of gender.

Gender equality can affect everyone as seen above and it is all around us. The video on Gender Equality and Feminism is an effective video for this time with all that is going on. Gender Equality is important for everyone and needs to be talked about.

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