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As a car enthusiast I tend to catch myself day dreaming of one day owning a supercar such as a Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren, but suddenly fall flat on my face when I see the SUPER price tag of one of these “Supercars”. With a sticker price of over $300,000 you start to ask yourself for that ridiculous amount of money is it really worth it? Is there a better bang for your buck? The answer is the 2014 Subaru STi hatchback, you can drive away in one of these beauties for a fraction of the cost of aFerrari! The Subaru flagship performance model has been bred by rally racing and perfected to fit the lives of everyday drivers that seek the thrill and passion of driving an all-out performance car on a daily basis.  

The STi has been in production since 1994 with improvements every generation. The 2014 STi packs impressive numbers including 305 horsepower and 290 ft-lbs of torque all coming from Subaru’s innovative turbo 4-cylinder boxer engine. Unlike a traditional “V” or “Inline” engine the boxer is flat and the pistons are horizontal thus giving the Subaru a lower center of gravity and better handling. The numbers of the STi equal a 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 155mph! That is enough power to slam you into your seat and put a huge smile on your face while doing so. This power is transferred to all four wheels by Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system which allows you to quickly change your settings to either provide more power to the front wheels to be safer on wet/ snowy roads or rear wheels for faster laps on track days. All this power requires some serious break force to be able to bring this beast to a stop which is why Subaru chose nothing less than the best, 4 piston Brembo brakes in the front and 2 piston Brembo in the rear these brakes will give you the confidence to hit those corners a little quicker also while provide the peace of mind on a daily basis knowing your vehicle can stop from 60 to 0 in just 102 feet.  


Impressive numbers are not the only highlight of the STi. Where the Subaru really shines is on adventures, with a spacious interior and a seemingly endless amount of cargo space this car is sure to fit all your camping gear and fit you and your family comfortably. With an all-wheel drive system, the STi is ready to handle any road or dirt path in its way to get you and your family to that beautiful hidden camp site with ease and safety. The capabilities of the STi are endless compared to that of a “supercar” you wouldn’t want to scratch those 20,000$ Ferrari rims, now would you? The Subaru is designed to be rugged and to be able to take on adventures that would be impossible for that of a normal car. As TB from top speed says “Every boring commute becomes an adventure, your eyes watching the boost gauge’s rhythmic swing t0 16 PSI just as a gap opens in traffic. A quick downshift, the boxer rumble and a turbo hiss is all the STI needs to rocket passed just about anything.”( 

Sti snow

The interior of the STi can be a controversial aspect of the car and is what turns people away from this car. With only the bare necessity installed and use of cheap plastic materials for door panels and dash. This car was never intended to be luxurious, so you shouldn’t expect BMW style leather and wood materials. The Subaru stays true to its rally inspired design cutting weight even if that means sacrificing for use of plastic materials. This gives the STi character and even more ruggedness it is definitely not trying to be something it’s not. The highlight of the interior is the driver and front passenger bucket seats, wrapped in leather and alcantera along with huge side bolstering these seats are sure to keep you comfortable on long road trips and keep you glued in place while taking rough corners.  


The ride quality of STi may also turn some people away from purchasing this vehicle. Again, you must understand this car was not intended to be an Audi with smooth boring car rides that will put you to sleep. With the STi you will feel immediate response with every move you make also feel every bump and crack in the road. The ride is what most people consider to be rough and bouncy. I believe this connects you to the car again giving it character. Stiff suspension is imperative to allow the car to stay flat during corners with no body roll. I can promise you that you will not fall asleep in a Subaru. The STi will increase your driving skills and alertness on the road. Subaru also provides an optional “track kit” which can be installed when purchasing this car. This includes a short throw shifter which makes changing gears easier, front and rear sway bars to allow better handling and above all the Subaru Performance Technica (SPT) exhaust. This is a must for any STi, the beautiful exhaust note that comes from the boxer engine is absolutely amazing, enhanced by way of the 3-inch mid pipe and four stainless steel exhaust tips of the SPT exhaust this will give you the well-known “Boxer Rumble”. 

STi Exhaust


The STi was intended to satisfy a small niche in the car industry, those who seek thrill and adventure on a daily basis. Those that will not stand for any more boring car rides, with the turn of the key the STi is guaranteed to puta smile on your face. Although this car may not be for everyone, it was never intended to. For the small group of people this car was made for this car does everything well. Considering these factors, the STi receives a score of 4/5. The reason it does not earn a 5 out of 5 is the fact that for the price of $40,000 we as consumers must demand better interior quality materials to better comfort for everyday use. I do not like the feeling of hard plastic and sound of squeaky door panels. We can expect that the next generation of STi’s to accommodate and fix all these issues. 



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