I am sure that everyone can agree that Kanye West has done some great things through out his music career right? Most people would agree but what really happened to him? When he started doing music it was real he told stories about himself, his life, and his struggles it was all real and things people would be able to relate their own life to. Everything he wrote and then later came out with most people would agree that they are some pretty great songs. But at one point or another in your life things can happen that are will change then person you really are and I am sure we all can say that this happened to West.

In West’s case it was either too much money or too much fame that ended up taking over him and made him how he is today. Maybe it could have even been both who knows? I am going to compare a few songs from old albums by West and compare his old to new music but over all give a review from his old music to his newer songs. Throughout I will try to figure out what it is that really happened to Kanye just by what his songs explain hopefully we can find out what it was the money or the fame.

Kanye’s first album was The College Drop Out this was his debut album that dropped on February 10th, 2004 by Rock-A-Fella records and also Def Jam Recordings. Family Business is a pretty well-known song. Like I said before his old music was real and by real, I mean it has a back story and you can actually get something out of listening to it. Anyways Family Business pretty much talks about that no matter what is going on in your life weather it be you are in jail or whatever I can be family will always be there also some things aren’t anyone else’s business except for yours and your family’s.

The next year in 2005 he dropped another album called Late Registration this was a great album and one of the songs that I would think a lot of people know is Hey Mama. The reason I picked this song is because like I said before his music was real before unlike now. Hey Mama is obviously about him mom named Donda West. In this song Kanye talks about how amazing his mom was to him, how she would work late and do everything she could for him. She would tell him to go to school and do what he needs to do but no matter what even if he didn’t go to school she was always there to support him with whatever it is he did and look at him now.

Now I am going to fast forward to June 18, 2013. On this date is when he dropped the Yeezus album and here is where you’ll see the difference in the way he wrote music. Around this time, it is where people started to notice that Kanye was becoming a different person. Not just by his music but simply by the way he started to carry himself. He stopped being the humble person he was to begin with and now he is all flashy and thinks he is the greatest hip hop artist around. I am sure we can agree that he is a legend with all his music but he is not the greatest of all time. Especially with all the music coming out now a day.

Around the year 2012 is when Kanye and Kim Kardashian started dating and that’s when Kanye came out with the song Bound 2 witch if you didn’t know was a song that he wrote about Kim. I am not saying that its bad but if you listen to it that’s it not what Kanye would actually write about but like I said things happen that change the person you are and now I’m starting to feel like it’s the fame that took over Kanye not the money. If it was for the money I don’t think that he would still be with Kim now. He would have just got what he needed and left.

Now fast forward to 2016, this year is when he dropped the album named The Life of Pablo. Personally, I do like the album but everyone knows for a fact that this music style isn’t Kanye. Throughout the years you were able to see that West was changing just by the way he made music. But in 2016 he came out with a song that is called I Love Kanye. He really made a song about himself and he raps about how he misses the old Kanye and how the new Kanye isn’t like before. I would say you need to reach a certain point in your life for you to realize that you aren’t the way you used to be before and he really did realize but, in all honesty, he didn’t need to make a song about himself and actually put it in the new album.

Over all Kanye West is an amazing artist most people would agree. Yes, he does have amazing songs that people love but at the end of the day everyone misses the old Kanye and how he made music before where it was all real not just what new rappers are trying to do with music. If Kanye made a new album and went back to his old ways I’m sure he would get so much better feedback that with what he has been getting these past few years

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