Blood sucking, pale skinned, creepy looking monsters of the night are your typicalimages-1 cliché vampires. Ones that are weakened by garlic, transform into bats, and are creatures of the night. The CW’s supernatural drama series, The Vampire Diaries, created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec is far from your cliché vampire. The television series consists of the supernatural, epic romances, mind blowing plot twists, and endless blood bags. Expect to shed tears and feel close to the characters by the end of season eight as The Vampire Diaries won’t leave you unsatisfied. From murder to redemption, The Vampire Diaries is like an endless roller coaster ride with many unexpected twists and turns that will leave you with an adrenaline rush craving for more lust, love, and blood. Overall, rated five stars and a better fan fang fiction compared to the Twilight Saga in terms of the storyline, the supernatural, the characters, goriness, and an intense love-triangle.

First of all, The Vampire Diaries is a mix between romance and blood. The storyline is very mind boggling and complex but will leave you on your toes as you watch. The intense storyline is what differs The Vampire Diaries from Twilight. The storyline begins in Virginia, Mystic Falls with an orphan girl named Elena Gilbert and her high school life with her childhood friends. Elena meets and befriends vampire Stefan Salvatore during a time of grievance. The two falls in love instantly after Stefan reveals his dark secret to Elena of being cursed with the urge to drink human blood. As the show progresses Damon Salvatore, Stefan’s brother is introduced and Damon too falls for Elena introducing the love triangle of the show, similar to Twilight. Elena gets wrapped into the supernatural world as her boyfriend is a vampire, her brother a vampire hunter, her best friend a witch, her other friend a ware wolf and her and another close friend eventually gets turned into a vampire. Throughout the series Elena and her friends face many challenges as they are dragged to the edge of the earth and back. They are faced with battling multiple evil antagonists, uncontrollable irony, death of loved ones, and blood lust which is why the storyline is way better than Twilight. In the Twilight movies, a girl named Bella is caught between a lifelong feud amongst vampires and ware wolves as she loves both vampire Edward and wolf Jacob. The only real action and big challenges the characters face in Twilight are in the last movie, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” when Bella gets pregnant by Edward and the wolves along with many vampire allies across the world try to protect the baby hybrid’s life against the Volturi (a coven of vampires who enforce the laws of the vampires). In The Vampire Diaries, you get the opposite as the show consists of crazy plot twists from the very beginning. While the storyline is similar to Twilight, The Vampire Diaries is multi-dimensional showing multiple stories in depth. Imagine a sub with just lunch meat and cheese. Now imagine a sub with lunch meat and all the veggies; lettuce tomatoes, pickles, spinach, bell peppers, etc. The Vampire Diaries storyline is like the sub with all the veggies and Twilight being the plain sub. Both subs are mouthwatering but the loaded veggie sub satisfies the taste buds much more.

Vampires that burn in the sun versus twinkling, ware wolves with fangs of venom that’s toxic to vampires, half vampire half ware wolf hybrids, witches that can practice various types of witchcraft, half vampire half witch heretics, travelers, originals, sirens, doppelgängers, immortals and vampire hunters are all the supernatural beings that exist beyond the walls of The Vampire Diaries. Compared to Twilight, the supernatural that The Vampire Diaries portrays is way better. First of all, the vampires in The Vampire Diaries are more realistic. Unknown-2



They don’t twinkle in the sun, they burn! Damon Salvatore cracks a joke about Twilight in season one episode four. Caroline asked him why he doesn’t twinkle while he was reading Twilight the Eclipse. He responded with “I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.” Vampires aren’t realistic but come on, twinkling? It just takes away from the perception of what a vampire is supposed to be like. Also, the vampires can’t die from a snap of the neck. The only way they can die is from a wooden stake to the heart or the sunlight. In Twilight, talents they had before they turned become their special powers. Each individual has their own set of capabilities. In the Vampire Diaries, they don’t have individual powers they all have vamp speed, super hearing, mind control, the ability to heal, and super strength. Emotions do heighten as they are turned so what they felt before they were turned becomes more intense. When a human gets turned into a vampire in Twilight they must be bitten by a vampire which doesn’t seem realistic because vampires feed on humans. New vampires are stronger than older vampires which also doesn’t seem realistic. In The Vampire Diaries, the older vampire is always stronger. Were_human_form_were_formThe ware wolves are also more realistic. They can only turn during a full moon instead of at will like Twilight. The Vampire Diaries supernatural beings are more realistic and all around better. All the different supernatural beings make the action more exciting when you have all different types of beings fighting each other. “As much as it’s about vampires and witches and all these mystical elements, the goal is to still bring it back to the characters and true basic human feelings and instincts” says Nina Dobrev the actor who plays Elena Gilbert (Sheffield 60-65).

The main characters of the show who you get to see grow as the show progresses are Elena Gilbert, her younger brother Jeremy Gilbert, her inner circle and childhood friends of Mystic falls; Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Matt Donavon, and Tyler Lockwood, and the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Jeremy is a part of a vampire hunting brotherhood called the Five. Bonnie is a powerful witch of the Salem Bennet bloodline. Caroline, Stefan, and Damon are all vampires while Tyler is a vampire ware wolf hybrid. Matt is human and remains human throughout the series. All of the characters have different personalities and are from different worlds. A ware wolf bite can kill a vampire and humans are a food source for vampires but unlike Twilight, the characters in The Vampire Diaries get along despite their differences. What sets The Vampire Diaries apart from Twilight in terms of the characters is the drastic evolution of the characters. Each character individually went through some kind of life changing experience. The characters grew from those experiences. images-2.jpegFor example, Stefan who starts off in the series as the hero who drinks animal blood changes into a human blood drinking ripper and finds redemption in him-self again as he tries to control his blood addiction. Another perfect example is Bonnie who first appeared as an innocent witch practicing traditional magic who turns over to expression a form of dark magic in order to help her friends. Nina Dobrev, who plays the role of Elena Gilbert and Paul Wesley, who plays the role of Stefan Salvatore both play multiple roles throughout the show because the plot involves doppelgängers (shadow or mirror image of self). The doppelgänger roles are very entertaining to watch. The roles add depth and dimension to Elena’s and Stefan’s character because they are the most compassionate characters while their doppelgänger characters are opposite; evil and selfish. By watching the show, you can see the creators of The Vampire Diaries took their time to make each character unique to the show.

The CW’s highest-rated series, The Vampire Diaries is full of gory. Viewers get to The Vampire Diaries Heart GIF-downsizedsee blood dripping from fangs, hearts being ripped out of the chest, heads being chopped off, necks being snapped, people being tortured, and an endless, endless flow of blood. Compared to Twilight, the series shows Unknown-1way more blood as the vamps are constantly feeding on humans and if not humans they feed on blood bags like a child sucking out of their juice box.  Executive producer Williamson said, “Sometimes I forget, and I feel like I’m writing a horror movie, we had so much blood and guts and carnage, it was a bloodbath. We had to pull back” (Bierly 64-65).

Finally, and most importantly the love-triangle of the show. Both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries involve epic love triangles between the main characters but which one did it better? In Twilight, the love-triangle consists of vampire Edward and ware wolf Jacob both loving human Bella. Similar to Twilight’s love-triangle, The Vampire Diaries consists of the vampire Salvatore brothers both loving human Elena. One big difference between the female protagonists is that Elena makes her own decisions while Bella lets her boy toys decide for her. In Twilight, the decision to protect Bella is easily made as she sits back and lets Jacob and Edward risk their lives. Elena wouldn’t let Damon or Stefan protect her if there was a possibility she could lose them forever. They way Elena loves the Salvatore brothers is another differing factor. images Elena fell in love with both of them but it wasn’t like Bella’s tragic love story where she couldn’t decide who she wanted and went back and forth between the two. The love Elena experienced was epic and heart felt. While Twilight fans were chanting team Edward and team Jacob, Vampire Diaries fans were caught between the Stelena and Delena debate. Over the first three seasons romantic tension between Damon and Elena heated up dividing the fan bases of Damon and Elena and the fans who so badly wanted to see Elena back in the arms of Stefan, her former lover. Executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson finally decided to give Delena fans what they have been craving for by the end of season three. A kiss, fans have been waiting for between Damon and Elena. Williamson says, “the kiss was intended to thank Damon and Elena fans for watching and waiting” ( Nuzhat 28-34). The reaction to the kiss was phenomenal as it became “the number one worldwide trending topic on twitter just ten minutes after it was aired” says Naroeen Nuzhat of Entertainment Weekly (28-34). The love-triangle between Elena, Stefan, and Damon is why so many people watch the show.

Conclusively, The Vampire Diaries in comparison to Twilight is gorier, the supernatural is more realistic, the characters are well-rounded, the storyline is deeper, and the romance is more intense which gives the series five out of five stars. I highly recommend this series to anyone looking to binge watch but be prepared to crave more blood, lust, and love after eight seasons of vampire awesomeness! As Ian Somerhalder, the actor of Damon Salvatore puts it, “Vampires are powerful, they’re dangerous, they’re sexy, they’re wise. They have an aesthetic hold on us human beings for some reason” (Sheffield 60-65).


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