Leonardo Avelar

Professor Ramos

English 101

15 April 15, 2018

Whiplash and Birdman

birdman whiplash

Comparing this two movies does not really make any sense, one is about a Guy named Andrew played by Miles Teller thriving to be the best drummer while in an abusive and mental battle with his teacher Fletcher played by J.K Simmons makes for an excellent time. And the other is about fame, fantasy and life failures while the main character a former cinema superhero Riggan Thomson is putting everything he has in a Broadway production hoping it will make him relevant again and give light to his career. I’ll be going over how these two films were both giving academy awards and in what subject and why.

whiplashWhiplash is a drama, but to me, it is the best drama I have ever seen in the year 2014 it shows how we as human want to get better in what we do. But at what length and how much pain and suffering can we endure before we break and give up on our dream. It’s one hour and 47 min thrill ride of OH MY GOD! You can’t look away from the screen you are hooked on how Andrew is even going to have the courage the fire in his heart to keep on going it will be easier to just give up. And this film does a great job of not letting the viewer get bored. Watching Andrew get up and fights and suffers to get the spot he wants you to cheer for him you want him to succeed so every time he starts playing the drums you can’t look away you are in his world his moment.

banner-birdman-film_page_np-620x330Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance is about the struggles of real life and how an actor can fail and lose popularity and makes his last effort in Broadway production that can fail or succeed. His alter ego who Riggan has played birdman whispers in his head telling him “how did we get here” implying that he wants more growling for a better room that he is in. This movie is about existence, one’s place in real life, how you view your own life it’s about special effect blockbuster it’s about everything. Know this movie was filmed as it was one continuous shot. With proper editing like using time-lapse using no people to have the effect of a single take but was edited. The second method they used are blackout were the camera goes into a dark room to hide a cut. And there are more clever methods editors used to make Birdman as it was shot in one take. And this feels this ferocity and unpredictable. Birdman as won Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and best original screenplay.

tumblr_nk6xr2wNO41s0t6o2o1_500Whiplash has some fantastic scene while the main protagonist is drumming the editing makes you feel his pressure. With close up of the actors showing their emotions, it creates suspense and fear. The music in this movie is timed great with the tempo allowing for some disturbing scenes. Fletcher gives Andrew the chance to play in his band. Andrew wakes up three minutes late to the time Fletcher gave him. We get to see Andrew run and the editors provide the sense of urgency by making him run into the frame. The first rehearsal scene is intense Damien Chazelle the writer of this movie wanted his views to feel like the fight scenes from raging bull with fast-paced editing. While Andrew is sitting down waiting for the class to start, we get to see how fast paced this movie is going to be and to get our attention and not looking down at your phone. When Fletcher enters the room at precisely nine o’clock, the shots are in time with the use of his hand to queue the music. When Fletcher starts the music, the shots are in his time giving him control of the scene, complete authority and dominance This gives the film as it were on his tempo. Looking at this movie you come to realize there are timing and rhythm in music. There is dragging and rushing just like in a film you, either way, too fast to reveal the bad guy or to slow to make a boring movie there is a correct temp film have to correct time to make a great film. The editing gave the film an Oscar for the Best Film Editing and gave J.k. Simmons Best Supporting Actor.

Having seen these two movies and comparing not just the context of the story but how Slow_Clap_GIF_Image_for_Whatsapp_and_Facebook_21both won academy awards for their editing styles both were effective giving Birdman the sense of a single take on the whole movie makes it feel smooth, it allows you to see everything. Whiplash entertains you with quick, brutal scenes to get your attention. Birdman is a great film it takes about how an actor can become irrelevant and the struggles of being relevant again. But it can drag on a bit if you don’t like drama then this is not the film for you. I would recommend Whiplash Because it faster pace you get the idea very early in the movie that Andrew wants to be the best drummer, and with the quick edits it will keep you entertained and focused at what is at risk and struggles. The most important to me about the film Whiplash is that you can relate more to Andrew because we all had our doubts and struggles to be and become the best, but to what extent will you to achieve what you want.

Overall, my thoughts on these two movies will be the same as it was 4 years ago Giving Birdman an eight point five out of ten. Loved this movie, but there were some parts where I was uninteresting but got me thinking and admiring the work the performance of the actors and editing of this film made it a great experience.  Whiplash for me is a ten out of ten the first few minutes this film I was hyped and ready to ride along Andrew and his journey to become one of the greats with an abusive teacher dragging him down. Watching the movie, it hits you that you are Andrew in many situations in your own life wanting to give up but having a little fire in you to keep on giving it your all, and finishing the film, you feel like you can take on the world.




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