Every year the cell-phones industry tries to appease society trend. Now Andy Ruben and The Essential team are coming out with the PH-1. Hopping to change the view of the cell phone world from your average iPhone and Galaxy. Will the Essential phone takeover the trend that Apple and Samsung have started? Will the PH-1 be your next phone to go into your pocket, here are some reason to take into consideration when making your next purchase.

Upon releasing The Essential only offered black moon and pure white I went with the black moon I treasured the colored and show less of the displayed. They later came out with three unique colors Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black. The body designed its unique and small made from titanium and ceramic body an edge to edge. Having a titanium and ceramic body makes the phone a little heavier than what their competitors offer weighing just 6.5oz. When holding it on your hand you could feel that the phone was made for durability to able with stand a fall or dents when dropping it. The backside of the phone is as flat as the front and is so devoid of any markings that there’s not even an Essential logo anywhere on the device. On our way up, there’s a fingerprint sensor in an easy-to-reach location, flanked on its top by a dual-lens camera, flash and Essential’s accessory connector ports, the latter of which we’ll touch on below. Having it also made by gorilla glass 5 is great should with stand any scuff-marks from having it in your pocket with your car keys and coins.

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Having a displayed that resemble a cyclops appearance makes The Essential unique. The display comes in 5.71 inches with 2560 x 1312 QHD (Quad HD) with the aspect ratio 19.5:10. Which covers the phone displayed from top to bottom compare to any other phone until the iPhone X (10) hasn’t ever release a phone like this. Andy Ruben and his team took a bold moved on trying something new. It’s good to be watching Dragonball Super I was able to watch the whole season with no issue, Netflix is also good to watch they now have an update were you could increase the ratio on the screen, or just streaming on YouTube. But comparing with the other phones displayed that’s where the flaws comes in. It’s not Super AMOLED or AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) which makes the colored more compress more rigged The Essential PH-1 is made QHD (Quad HD) less pixel and the brightness will be hard to see daylight when comparing it to an iPhone and Samsung which their screen bring the riches on their displays. You could see on the bottom where it shows the the difference between the Galaxy S9 and The Essential Ph-1 the displayed is much brighter and detail on S8 than the PH-1 but if your not that picky than Essential wont be an issue.

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At first The Essential came with Android 7.1.1 Nougat and later updated to 8.1 Oreo which has the purest of Android to offered next to the Google Pixel line which also offered it. Even others preferred stock android and than any other like what Cameron from Techradar states “Stock software puts the new company in favorable position for those who enjoy an experience free of bloatware and user interface tweaks” (Faulkner). Having less of others manufacture apps that you don’t need is better. When you first turn on the phone and go through the app drawer comes per-IMG_0304loaded with only google apps which is good because more space available for the phone and have less unconcern apps that come per-loaded with the phone as with if you want something that offers neatest of android with no bloatware or any delayed at all than the PH-1 is the one. It’s also faster to get the newest security updated or when they release the newest of Android since there is no bloatware like how Samsung has Touch-wiz which is Android base it also takes more longer to get the latest update to Android. The difference from Touch-Wiz it has to much to change on the software than stock which doesn’t have bloatware.

Every phone is not perfect which The Essential has its flaws on the camera. Compare to what Samsung offers it gets blown away. The camera software does not give much to offer, there is no setting to change the detail on the photos, it lags on taking picture it has delay when you taking a picture, and yet only thing they offer is their version of mono which takes black and white picture in great detail like how Andrew states “Still, a few months and several updates later I’m actually able to take some good photos with the Essential Phone, and that’s great to see” (Martonik) Even with the updates Essential will improve in time with software updates. It does offer 4k video which the picture quality its decent enough to view. One thing I do admit it has 360 capitally which its nice, but you need buy the adapter it cost 50 dollars now at Amazon.

Yet we could never have “THE PHONE” that has perfection written on them, but if you want unique that is built to last than The Essential PH-1 is the phone for you. At that price range at $399.99 what phone can beat that with some minor issue. The Essential might be the underdog but later can improve with some minor updates and some tweaks it could still compete. The grade I could give is a solid B because of the minor issue it has improve the camera quality, bring back audio jack, next time come out with AMOLED and the designed is fined just improve those minor issue and The Essential is the right  purchase its the Sexiest and the Thickest phone to have in your pocket. I think the thicker is better you have the best battery quality. The Essential is Essential in a unique way.


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