The tense moments before breaching into the room getting set in positions, giving the word to cause a distraction before blasting our way in. I’ve put many hours into this game doing just that or defending against it. There is no other game on the market that can compare itself to the intense, fast paced, tactical style action that Rainbow Six Siege provides to its players. I haven’t played a game this good in quite a few years. There is very little that I have been able to find wrong with this game and the things that I do find wrong get fixed in the quarterly updates. I would give this game a 8.5 out of 10 overall.

Rainbow Six Siege is the 16th in a long line of Rainbow Six games. I have not played all of them but I have played my fair share and they have never done me wrong. They have all kept to the same basic premise of the book that they were based off of, “Rainbow Six” by Tom Clancy, and were always more incredible and fun than the last. All of the Rainbow Games are based on a multinational counter terrorism unit of the best operators and intelligence officers in the world, operating in the shadows to take down the most dangerous terrorist cells only at the request of the nation the cell exists in. Siege does just the same thing. Having an elite force of 5 counter terrorist operators try to take over an objective defended by 5 just as capable terrorist operators. This game has become more and more popular over the three years it has been out with over 20 million copies being sold. (Tassi)

I would say Siege does well in keeping with the premise that it is supposed to be following by having the objectives be things that you would expect having terrorists to have such as bombs, a biohazard container, or a hostage. Then having an attack force of highly trained operators with special gadgets to aid in the attack to save the day. The defending operators have gadgets that aid in their defense as well. The maps that are in game also keep with the terrorism theme using maps like “Border” which is a border crossing somewhere in the Middle East, or “Presidential Plane” which is a hijacked plane on the tarmac in Heathrow Airport London. I would give the game a 8 out of 10 for keeping with the premise that has been put in place.

Realism is an important thing that myself as well as a lot of other players look for in games. Siege does well in capturing realism with many different aspects. A big deal is having an environment that is destructible, meaning that players can break things in the environment such as walls. They make a good balance of walls that can be destroyed and those that cannot be destroyed. One other thing of realism that has a huge effect is having the AI, Artificial Intelligence or bots being controlled by the game, acting at least somewhat like a real human. In an article from Knowledge Based Systems it talked about a new formula created to improve the human like characteristics of AI talking about a case study to show it saying, “As shown in a case study based on Unreal Tournament 2004, the game bots exploiting our approach provide a more human-likeness behavior if compared with simple finite state automaton based bots.” (Acampora) Meaning they were able to improve the way that bots function against real players, which was able to be implemented in other games. Siege has an excellent AI acting as if they are real people in most situations. Damage is a big factor that also has a realistic factor to it. If someone is shot in the head they are dead no matter what, the way it should be, and body shots don’t kill as easy, and have a chance of just downing someone to be revived. Friendly fire is also something that can take place and happens often either on purpose or by accident. This damage system I think is as close to real as they can get while keeping the game fun by dying to quickly. For realism I would give this game a strong 9 out of 10.

This game has a strong focus on tactical movement and teamwork to get the job done. There are not many games that offer this as being a focus, especially when it comes to first person shooters like this. The game is 5 versus 5 attack and defense trying to kill of the enemy team or get the objective. Players are having to coordinate with their team to get into the objective room, or set up defenses to make the best plan possible. Moving together to the objective, taking up positions at the entrances, and breaching in together to take out the enemy force. This is something that is amazing because it finally makes it so that the players in the community are talking with each other, reaching out to other players in the community. This is a fantastic thing because I feel it can bring people to find others who they can get along with and enjoy playing the game together. There are those times that you get paired with someone who just takes the game far too serious and ruins the fun for everyone else by teamkilling and yelling at everyone to do as they say. That doesn’t represent the whole community, and for the most part it is just people trying to have some fun. I would give the game a 8 out of 10 for the teamwork and tactical feel that it can bring to the table.

As I said before, I would give this game a 8.5 out of 10 over all for the quality of this game. There just isn’t anything like this out on the game market other than this. It is so much fun to play both with friends messing around, or being serious, or by yourself with random people. I can’t say that there are many other games that can give the kind of enjoyment this one can as well. I recommend this game to all of my friends and would recommend that anyone who have the chance take the time to play it a little and experience the tense moments and good laughs of fun mistakes this game  can offer.


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