Quick Write

Chapter 15 applies the concepts of “They Say, I Say” to the social sciences. Think about your major and connect it to the argument essay you are writing.

What would you major add to the solution argument essay? How can your field help us better figure out solutions?

Bullying Topic

I really enjoyed the topic from last class. The discussion on bullying was very helpful to think through how complex bullying can be.

Multivocal Arguments

An important aspect to consider when writing about an issue is to consider the topic from multiple perspectives.

This will be important to use in your argumentative essay.

Let us consider a topic to look at from multiple perspectives:

  • Bullying
  • Is college worth it?

Take a couple minutes and write as many different perspectives as you can think of related to the topic.

Group Work

We had two readings for this week. We are going to split up the readings and work in groups to figure out the main takeaways, important points, and necessary examples we need to remember.

  • Chapter 15 Analyze This (184 – 202)
  • Addison’s Two Years are Better Than Four (255 – 258)

You will have ten minutes to figure out the main points. Pick a scribe, and presenter. Write the points up on the board. The presenter will have 3 minutes to explain the main points.

Quick Write

How can you use the topics of discussion today to make your argument stronger?