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What is your best tip for public speaking?

Public Speaking Notes


  • Poise
  • Voice
  • Life
  • Eye Contact
  • Gestures
  • Speed

Honors Presentations

Two presenters today.

In-Text Citations

You should be quoting, citing, paraphrasing, and summarizing from the novel. Most of your evidence should come from the novel.

Either introduce the quote or reference in the sentence or cite after in the parenthetical citation.

In-Text Citation Basics

You will be citing from the book in your essay. It is important that we learn how to do it correctly.

After Quisqueya tells the Riveras about Mayor and Maribel, she says, “I’m Sorry” (Henriquez 202).

Citing a source with one, two, or three or more authors.

  • (Henriquez 202)
  • (Best and Marcus 9)
  • (Franck et al. 327)

Revising an Argument

Revising an Argument

Tim Minchin Commencement Speech

Inflatable You