It’s no doubt that school shootings are on a rise; we all herd this story a thousand times. A lone gun man or even a small group of people that maliciously and brutally harms as Meany people as they possible could and usually ending with theiryo own deaths. If this does not scare you I do now know what well. As many people are searching for a solution for this epidemic, one seems to stand out more so then the others. Removal of all guns from the civilian population entirely seems to be a popular solution amongst extremists, while others reject this idea as well. My question is why are guns the problem? Yes most school shootings would not be complete without firearms involved but really is it the tool that is to blame?
It is said that guns cause gun violence; I for one do not believe this. I do not agree with this statement mainly because I believe that violence is not encouraged in errantly by the firearm itself, But rather of the individual choices of the user. I would compare the argument to drunk driving, would you blame the driver or the car. Operating firearms require the same mental stability and care needed to operate responsibly. There for, I believe that just like applying for a driver’s license, one should pass a mental wellness or company test to be qualified to own a firearm.
One of my solutions to gun violence is to education. In educating people that all firearms are not created equal will help remedy some of the way civilians see firearms. For example, most people that own firearms have them for hobby or hunting purposes. Gun collecting is a very interesting and rewarding aspect if you’re a history lover. I know I for own and interested in the history of many great firearms. Many people enjoy the art of hunting while obeying the safety laws of the just fine. Deleting firearms from civilian uses would create a lot of angry and in some cases more violence. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that firearms are seen by many already as a tool are a hobby.
Another possible solution would be the implications of stricter criteria’s on owning more powerful weapons. What I mean by this is that instead of making the weapon itself illegal to own, rather make classes and regular safety meeting a mandatory thing if you’re going to own firearms. Not all firearms are created the same and this should be taken into consideration. Each firearm should be analyzed and categorizes for the purpose of placement into specialized classes one would need to take to own and register the firearm of choice. For example, a Colt Peacemaker revolver is a slow to operate and slow to reload hand gun, yes it fires a .45 caliber bullet but is considered a toy when compared to an Ar15. The Ar15 is a rifle that has the ability to reload quickly and fires a variety of high powered rounds. Really the only thing these two firearms share is that there are both called guns. I believe that these mandatory classes should reflect this as far as intensity of class.
This proposal would have several benefits, for one it would it make civilians ask the big question, do I really need a gun. Most of the time people say for protection purposes with failing to really grasp that owning a firearm is a responsibility that people do not understand.

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