So how common is it to be in on child support nowadays in the United States? How many stories have you heard of mostly men on child support that do pay their dues and don’t get to see their child? Or men that due pay their child support and its miss use by their child mother for personal use when the whole point is for the money to be use for the child needs. In overall I’m seeking a solution to mandate similar EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) system to have a better view how the expensive are probably use for the child.

“What should I get my check is coming soon?” (Mom) Child looks up and says, “I need stuff for my school project and soccer shoes.” Mom reacts and says, “let’s give your dad a call.” But why should it be like this when in reality you already get child support every month. In California the law states, “Are based on each parent’s net disposable monthly income and the amount of time the child is cared for by each parent.” (California Guideline Child…). It depended what father makes and gives to the child that’s not indexincluding what the mother is making. Whatever the father makes at work the child gets so if you’re in child support and whatever work environment you work in you have to put in Tips, Commissions, Bonuses, Social Security or Pensions and so on… Once that’s all finished you still have to put them in health insurance and you be able to claim in your taxes aint that B1t4h excuse my language. But in reality, how common is it for someone to be in child support in the united states? It was officially started since the 1975 during the President Gerald Ford pass Section IV-D of the Social Security Act (In looking at the Federal Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458, you will see language that allows the US Federal Government to give back “Incentive Payments” to US states for performance based child support collection, paternity establishment, and administrative costs.) and also No-fault divorce had recently been passed, and there was a rapid increase in divorce. So the father would continue to provide income to the child, and the mother normally would get the child following a divorce in terms of physical custody, and she would use the resources from the father. The reason this act was pass what Maureen states, “The whole system was set up in a way to try to bring back what the nuclear family looked like prior to a divorce, and nearly everyone who entered into the child support system was a product of divorce. There were very few non marital births at that time.” (PAO) So something they try to prevent people to do they did it was an easy way out.

When they say real men don’t cry and hearing the stories what men go through when they are in child support and the stress and anxiety they have for not making the payment on time or pay the consequence if they don’t pay and what their ex-spouse put them through some have go through. If you ever have the chance to ever to be court room in front the judge is not to pretty right away the judge will judge giving you the look. That look that the Judge gives for being a dead beat he’s going to put you to hell. Before you see the judge, you have your lawyer doing all the dirty work for you meaning all the paper work and responsibility you’re going to face when you go to court. In my experience didn’t have it bad as this video about what this man had face having to pay $1,600.00 a month for this child and the tears he was having when the judge finally figures out what really happen. Like YouTuber says, “to pay attention how the judge response to the man…” (TheAdviseShowTV) which the man was seeking for help because no one will help. Finding out that his ex-wife had requested and pushing for the increase and later he got a felony and its true what says, “you can’t vote because you have a felony.” They tarnish men who have felony most of them are the ones who have child support. It also true why do need $1,600.00 for their child for your expensive it’s a reticule for that father had go through. But I’m glad that the judge but some since and figure the out the problem and finding out the true. And it’s true what he says about children need their father in their life without them they will acting out and thug.

Here in the US if you look at the image on the bottom left for the 2013 census “an official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals.”(Dictionary) Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.57.51 PMfor the US it shows how the mother have the majority rights of the child. From 52% of the mother has custody than the father that has 31% custody. Like what Jennifer states,”For those who imagine that single moms and dads who receive child support are living ‘the high life’ and taking advantage of their ex-spouses, the actual numbers are shocking.” (U.S. Child Support Statistics). You could see majority of the expose spouse will take the advantage for one another the percentage for the mother is high. We could blame the system in place like the Act the president have set in order give the mother full rights to have the kids. Shouldn’t be like this they have set a system in order to be equal rights for both shouldn’t be all for the mothers like this I don’t think its fair.

The way we could fix this is to have a monitory CHPAY (Child Payment) card so if there any question miss uses of funds you could report. Should have it official all over the US they should take a quick look online and pull out the transaction on the card and just pull out the statement. They should be a relegation on how much the child needs cromartie-jokes-jets475monthly rather depending on the father income. There’s no need for child getting $1,000 for himself if the money is not going tours him. Child expensive should only for clothes, food, and materials that the child needs for school. If it’s for other stuff that he doesn’t need that should for the mother or father decision to get them electronics or sport jersey or name brand shoes. No child needs those materials at young age. But if the mother needs more money and it get wired threw the portal so they could the transaction because in reality pulling out the from someone check or paying your child support faithfully you can’t back track the expensive that child funds are going tours them.

In the end of the Day we should not use are child as extra income for are needs and expensive if so they should be consequence for those that abuse it. That’s why we need EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) like system to monitored systems of transaction and single fathers shouldn’t pay the praise for some mistake that happen during relationship. And have dead beat mothers that abuse it and cheat the systems they hear both side of the story and find reasonable way for the father not to be ridicule and punish.


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