Leonardo Avelar

Professor Ramos

English 010

May 14, 2018

The difficulty of transitioning from cigarettes to vaping.


While we know what smoking does to a person, and understand the statistics of people dying due to smoking we can all agree that the problem is young smokers. Why? It’s too late to stop a pack a day smoker to stop smoking or to try to stop quitting than a young teenager who is getting the habit of smoking.

As we grow up and see the world around us, smoke people are smoking it or just in the air, not evening knowing you are breathing toxic air. We have the school teach us at a very young age why we shouldn’t smoke shorter lifespan and what not. Knowing this piece of information, we still decide to smoke even if its one time. It’s in our nature to experiment new things to an extent. The problem is how can we avoid smokers at a young age, not a twenty-year smoker, of course, he can still recover from smoking but will be difficult.

Vaping is relatively new but helped many hardcore smokers to transition into vaping which helped them stop smoking pure tobacco. As a teenager, we see our parents or friends smoke and want to try smoking but if we had the chance to vape. My first puff was not a cigarette it was a vape with no nicotine, and I did not have the urge to vape again I knew what vaping was and asked if it had nicotine once I knew it had nothing just flavored liquid it wasn’t as bad as a cigarette. Of course, there are reasons why people like to smoke it releases some stress. England has reported that e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes but was proven wrong.

Vaping is new, and we don’t know the side effects yet, we can all agree vaping is better than smoking. Smoking a cigarette has a lead that is very harmful to the body not is the only chemical put into a cigarette smoking articles give out 20 chemicals that we inhale into our lungs. While vaping having may contain five chemicals which include vegetable oil something that doesn’t come from a regular cigarette. Comparing smoking to vaping the health risk and safety are lower; however, there have been some cases that batteries of vaping exploding and causing severe damage to the user but problems of this situation are very slim of occurring.

Transitioning from smoking to vaping is difficult especially when you need that nicotine high. Reading from someone else experience smoking 30 cigarettes a day and him transitioning to vaping is to not focus on the looks of the vape, don’t get a vape that makes you look cool to get a vape that delivers what a smoker wants. And the most important thing about vaping is to figure out what e-liquid satisfies the needs of the smoker as well he can decide how much nicotine he/she wants. If they are heavy smokers, they could get nicotine of 18 MG and can go lower from there to 3 Mg. Smokers need to drop their nicotine down to 3 MG slowly, and when they don’t feel like they need nicotine and go for the full flavor, they can go for no nicotine. Reading people transition to vaping is about how they slowly started to go down in nicotine. Them having issues at first having Pg(propylene glycol) intolerance and how it can lead to diarrhea, upsetting the stomach, and nausea, but it is ubiquitous, and you should not stop since it is your body adjusting to the vape.


Is vaping healthier than smoking, as much as we know that it can help longtime smoker make them healthier vaping comes with its own risk such as inhaling the heated vapor. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco researched smokers and vapers some who smoke both and tested their urine of nearly 100 teens. They found chemicals such as metals such as lead in the toxic vapor metals are growing and have the same compounds as regular cigarettes. So maybe inhaling vapor is not all that great, but if it helps hardcore smokers slow down their urge to keep on smoking, then it’s doing its job.

no-teen-vaping                Teens have a habit of doing acts of rebellion, and course smoking very popular to this day. When we are young everyone is telling us smoking is wrong and how our appearances change. Having heard all of this information, we still try smoking, but we have the choice of continuing smoking it is the smokers choice to keep on going or not.  We as a society have to give an excellent example to the new generation and also parents who smoke should try to quit if he or she has a kid. Parents should tell teens no to smoking, and hopefully, they understand not to smoke. And as well teach them how to deal with peer pressure teens don’t like having their friends tell them they are scardy cats, so they fall into a situation they don’t want to be in and then trying whatever their friends give him.  Having teens decide whether or not they want to have a healthy future tell them the benefits of not smoking and the consequences of smoking in the long run. But we have to do this while they are still young where they are kids making it easier for talk when they are teens.

My take on the whole vaping vs. smoking is trying to put stands or letting smokers try vaping for the first time in smoke shops, and they can decide whether or not they want to try something new. It all depends on the user if he wants to change then good if he doesn’t know who are we to change his or her mind. Giving the option of smoking or vaping is somewhat difficult for some smokers, but giving them the opportunity and the chance to change can benefit them and their family.




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