LOOK, LOOK, South West! 240 It’s a team…rush! “I need help this guy is out building me…fuck! I die”. I usually spend 4 or more hours playing various games but the game I play the most is Fortnite. Since Fortnite came out it has been more competitive with every update getting better and better. I enjoy saving clips from gameplays and producing it on my channel RaulDaSnake. I’ve seen numerous videos learning how to edit on non-busy days or when I’m bored since I was 14, I’ve always wanted to record and save clips of me and my friends goofing around. But what lead to me becoming an average gamer was when I was 7.


It was around Saturday mid-day the sun was out no clouds to be seen living in the apartments in Redlands, I head to my friend house next door. Edwardo, my friend, was 3 yrs. older than me. Don’t really remember how we met but we hung out almost every day doing hood rat stuff. A memorable time was when I was crushing on a girl on the school bus. We believed that the white marks in your nails meant you’re falling in love. One thing leads to another he got up shouted her name to the chick I was crushing on and ruined my chances with her even though she was older than me. His house was the only one that stood out from the co sack, a tree in front of his yard with that perfect angle that you would be able to get a running start to climb on. We’ve placed an old beat up twin size mattress trying to transform it into the perfect tree house which was never accomplished. I knocked on the door, patiently waiting thinking of what we can do today. Her mom with frustration opens the door as if she already knew it was me. As any other kid would say with their high picked voice “is so and so there, can he come out to play”. I nervously stood to wait for her to scream NO! “yea his on the couch, come on in” she said. As I walked inside I immediately spot him staring at the TV holding something with two hands curiously figuring out what he was doing. I eventually get a turn to control the character to move around on “True Crimes Streets of LA”. Mashing the controller button trying to get the character to go to the vehicle but instead was looking upwards running in circles. Sitting on the right side of me pointing on what buttons to press helping me to understand I give up handing back his controller and watch how it’s done. We hung out with more homies from the block finding out they had video games but they were all different. Soon we were just trying to get to the next level but I was never tagged in for sucking at the game. Christmas comes around waiting to get a console of my own I excitedly go off to play my new PS2. I let Edwardo know so he can help me set it up. Edwardo being the first to introduce me to video games and watch how to properly to play I soon learn more and more of how it’s done.


Around the last year 2017, I was in need of help trying to figure out new ways of how to study that can help me in my busy schedule. I was recommended by one of the counselors at Crafton hills college about workshops, being helpful classes that teach you new ways or methods to learn material that can help students improve. As I show up for the scheduled time class of Learning, a minute late I go to sit down unknowing of what the workshop really offers. The workshop explained learning as taking information, understanding it and take it to good use. Absorbing information isn’t easy at a time as there are three learning processes that the students go their day to day lifestyle. One being hands on being a physical learner is what some student process information. Like dissecting a frog, it helps feeling it some understand the concept. Visual and Hearing are the other two that help some understand. What I took from the class was how I processed information being my two strongest of levels are hands-on and visually. It made a lot of sense since when I played video games as when I had to see the character move while visually seeing what direction I moved him too. Using the controller guide on the pause screen helped tremendously for when there were special combos on “Mortal Kombat”. The hearing came to play when instructions would be told by the narrator if you were told to do something to advance. Seeing that video games are used on the daily bases some might have the same learning experience of being a visual and hands-on work. I see how I use it doing anatomy having models of the cells in front or the dissecting of the animal for its tissues.