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English 102


Will You Bump Back When It Comes At Night


What would you do if someone broke into your home and tried to hurt you or your family? Would you call the cops? What if they couldn’t get there in time. It would be up to you to protect your family. The question is would you be able  to? The picture show above is for a ad by Personal Defense World. They are a online company that sells guns for personal and home defense. Their website also offers information and instructional video on what to do if someone were to break into your home and training videos that teach you drills so that you can be ready. In the picture  you instantly see a man that looks to be a intruder who has broken into someone’s home. Next to him you see a little girl cry and with a look of fear on her face. In the foreground there is another man, that we expect to be the girls father, with a gun and a look of fear and anger on his face as he points his gun at the intruder. From the expression of pain on the intruders face and that the intruder look like he is about to fall back, we can presume that the father has shot him. In doing so he has saved his daughter from  certain danger. This picture uses ethos, logos and pathos to sell you self protection and self reliance.

bigstock-Armed-Person-In-A-Hoodie-Is-Po-90195365    The primary audience for this ad is geared to fathers with children, but the message that is being sent could be easily applied to anyone with children or anyone that has someone they would want to protect. The picture mainly uses pathos to convey its message of using a gun for defense. First it takes a fear that most, if not all, people have of a armed stranger, in this case armed with a gun, and breaking into your home. Your home that is supposed to be a place of safety, comfort and security. In 2016 there were over 1,500,000 burglaries reported by the the FBI (FBI,2018) and personal defense world uses this, all to common fear, to get your attention. To make this fear even more terrifying, picture show the intruder trying to take the daughter. Whether the intruder is taking her as a hostage or to kidnap her, it has to be one of the most frightful things to happen to you as a parent or as the person being taken. The picture does a good job of showing that fear in the girls face. When you look at the father you can also see that same fear, but you can also see anger. He is afraid of his daughter being taken away and he is angry and the intruder for doing so. The father has a duty to protect his family and to keep them safe. So he does what any father armed and trained with a gun would do.  He uses the gun the gun and training he got from personal defense world to shoot the intruder and save his daughter. Through the use of fear, personal defense world paints a picture of a parent’s worst nightmare and then appeals to their sense of duty and want to protect your family by offering you their solution to the problem.

This picture  uses logos to sell you on the idea of using a gun for protection and defense. Whether it be to protect your family  or yourself. It is in the name of the company, personal defense, and the name is in the picture. This idea of personal defense is show by the father shooting the intruder to save his daughter. They are showing that you can not always rely on someone to save you and that there may come a day that you have to save yourself. Most people may think to call the police, and in most case that would be best, but in the situation show in the picture you may not have time to wait for the police to get there. It can take on average 18 minutes  for law enforcement to respond to a call (, 2018). That’s why this picture shows the father taking immediate action to defend and protect is family.

Most people would agree that  shooting, or killing, someone is wrong. When looking at this picture you can see personal defense world using Ethos to show you that in extreme circumstances it is okay to use lethal force to protect yourself or, in this case, your family. On personal defense worlds website they back this message of ethical shooting by sighting laws that protect people from legal repercussions when having to use lethal force for defense. For this picture they bring up the “Stand Your Ground law”, also known as the “Castle Doctrine.” The Stand Your Ground Law states, that a person should have the right to feel safe and secure in their own home and should not have to retreat from a threat before being allowed to use lethal force (“Stand Your Ground Laws”). Notice how it says “should not have to retreat.” it is referring the the “Duty to Retreat” law. This law states that a person must do everything that can to get away from a threat before they can use lethal force (“Stand Your Ground Laws”). This is probably why personal defense world choose a home setting for this picture. It would be kinda hard to try and sell guns and gun defense techniques if the father in the picture was running away.

I think personal defense world has done a good job at selling you the idea of safety Funny-Gun-Memeand protection through the use of fear.  It is the same fear I have had for a long time. It is also the same fear that made me go and buy, and train with, a gun. Money and objects can be replaced,  but my loved ones can not. If something like this were to happen and they got hurt because I couldn’t protect them, I don’t think  could live with myself.


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