The Future

Lux Aeterna – Soundtrack for exercise

Lets take a few minutes and imagine what the future has in store for us.

Write for two minutes on what grade you want and what you need to do to get it.

Quick Write

Thompson starts paragraph 20 (347) by saying:

“Our tools are everywhere, linked with our minds, working in tandem.”

What do you think? Does this statement reflect your own experience with technology?

Thompson “Smarter Than You Think”

A revelatory and timely look at how technology boosts our cognitive abilities—making us smarter, more productive, and more creative than ever

It’s undeniable—technology is changing the way we think. But is it for the better? Amid a chorus of doomsayers, Clive Thompson delivers a resounding “yes.” In Smarter Than You Think, Thompson shows that every technological innovation—from the written word to the printing press to the telegraph—has provoked the very same anxieties that plague us today. We panic that life will never be the same, that our attentions are eroding, that culture is being trivialized. But, as in the past, we adapt—learning to use the new and retaining what is good of the old. Smarter Than You Think embraces and extols this transformation, presenting an exciting vision of the present and the future. Source

Take a couple minutes and write down one or two points to share with the class.

Specific Research Questions

The topic or issue will help narrow down what you can research for your report. A specific research question will help focus your research to a specific area.

A broad question like “What is global warming?” is way to big to write about and try to research in our time allotted. Plus, that one has already been answered. A better, more narrow question on this topic would be, “How does global warming affect the California shorelines?

This research question narrows down a broad topic and connects it to you. If you are a Business major, you might want to ask, “What are carbon credits, and how might they affect the California economy?” This question connects your interest or topic to your major.

Report Purpose and Topic

Answer questions.

Review what is already known about a subject.

Report new knowledge.

Free Write

  1. What topic are you considering?
  2. From the three choices above, which one do you think best serves your topic?
  3. Write everything you know about the topic. Write for 5 minutes without stopping. Write sentences, bullet points, words, examples, etc.; anything that comes to mind regarding your topic.

Free Write

Take the topic you are thinking about researching for your report and write it at the top of a page. For the next five minutes I want you to write down everything you know about it. Do not edit as you write. Just keep writing and see where it takes you.

Just keep writing. If your thoughts runs out, skip a line and start a new thought. Keep writing.

What do you know about your topic?

What questions do you have about your topic?

What do you need to research about your topic?