Myra Estrada

Professor Ramos

English 101

6 August 2018

Figuring Out To Help Kids In The Foster Care

As days go by, kids are still in foster care waiting to be adopted or just to be placed in a home. There are so many innocent kids who are continuously waiting for someone to be able to flip their life around and give them a permanent place to be. People don’t understand how many kids have been sent to the foster care from the birth parents giving up on them and abandoning them. The foster care is a organization who takes in kids and is paid by the government. Their job is to take care of the kids and try to find a thumb_foreverfamilies“forever” home for them. The kids that are there weren’t given a choice. No one really understands how much the kids in the foster care are depressed. With all the time they spend having their hopes up to be placed in a good home. The kids are struggling with themselves, thinking they’re not enough to be wanted. Children in the foster care should have more support and helpful people to surround them.

The problem today is with the government about foster care is that they really just don’t care who they place kids with. They are giving them to people who are unstable and are unfit. It’s wrong, but the government doesn’t really care who and where they are

pirvate-foster-care-systemplacing the kids. The government just wants to think that once they placed a kid, that they have done a good deed. In the article “Foster Care” written by Gale, states “The Federal government provides funds to States to administer child welfare programs.” which is saying that they have no interest for the foster kids at all. This quote is a prime example of why we as people need to come up with solutions for the government to start caring for these innocent kids.

While doing research on how to find ways to help and make the foster care a better place for the kids. It is best to know a little about the foster care. People have this description that the kids are in the foster care are dangerous. In reality it’s not true whatsoever because there are vulnerable kids, just having their hopes up for a new and better life to come their way. Yes, the foster care isn’t the best place for the kids to stay at but, where they stay shouldn’t automatically define what type of kid they are.

Finding ways to help the children who are in bad homes is something very important. These kids are getting sent from house to house and reason is because the people who get their license to foster just want the money. The money that the people who foster get, is welfare for the kids for clothes and food, but so many people misuse the money all the time. In this article “2006 creating more and better foster families” talks about helping the kids who have been placed in bad home. These two people created an organization that has grown which is a nonprofit to benefit the children and not all about the money. It states in the article that while setting up the organization, they “  Organizing circles of church members who will help the families that volunteer to foster or adopt” Having there people in the world is just incredible not only are they helping the kids, there giving them joy. These people are doing such an amazing deed to the world that is making life changing decisions.

Another way that can help the foster care is having a seperate home for the children with disabilities. Its noticed that they place any kid in the foster care and don’t really care if they have a mental issue or a disability. While researching, came across an article about creating a home for the children in foster care with disability and giving them more attention and more care. In the article it states, “Despite the issues of best placement, children and adults with disabilities continue to be placed in foster homes” and as this is happening there are now homes that is part of the foster care, but is for the kids with disability. Which is amazing, even though it took a while it has been done. Now the kids with disabilities are in a safe home and have more attention to their needs.

Trying to find ways to help the kids in the foster care, their is an article that talks about how the state gets involve and helps out the foster care. The article “ forever families” is a story about kids being able to find forever homes with the help of the state and also how the state helps the teenagers/adults who age out of the foster care. The author Mikel Chavers states, “ States are taking the positive and working to improve the experience of children in the foster care system.” with the help of the states that means that more and more people are noticing how bad the foster system are treating the kids. So the state has this program for the kids age 18-21 which is that they have to find a job and the states provides them with a home. This program is called independent living and it is giving the older kids a chance to be able to start their own life. Having this change just means sooner or later there will be bigger change and more people noticing.


These are the solutions that have been found through articles that been researched for making the foster care system a better place for the children. Without these people fighting or starting non profit organization or seperate homes for the kids with disabilities, then no one would be able to see how the foster care system and government doesn’t care about the children.


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