My story all begins in April on a cold rainy day.  My parents were driving to Los Angeles to see my grandma, when my parents pulled off the freeway many exits too early, my mom said “I need to use the restroom. I will be quick.”  We all knew that was going to be true. So me and my best friend walked around the parking lot while both my parents went in to the dealer to use the restroom. While I was walking around I was thinking of the day I would get one for myself.  My parents came out and as we all started walking back to the car to leave, my dad said “Look Aryanna”. I turned my head and seen my dad filming me so then I looked at my mom and she had a box in her hand. My eyes started to water and she handed me the box.  I opened it and there were keys. There it was a brand new 2016 Honda Civic with huge balloons and a big red bow.

All was well, I had just got a car but there was a couple problems.  I didn’t have a license, although I did have my permit. Yet there was still a bigger problem as I looked around my new car and noticed that my car was a manual transmission.  I couldn’t even drive an automatic yet and now I got a manual, great what a bother. So now I had a great obstacle ahead of me.

So the next day my parents took me to an empty abandoned parking lot in San Bernardino and arked my new car there.  My mom and dad got out of the car and told me to get out and go in the driver seat, so I did. My dad went in the passenger and my mom wanted no business with me and driving a car so she sat on the planter that was there.  And it here it all goes, I know what type of a teacher my father is. He’s the loud, aggressive and annoyed type of teacher. So the easy part was putting on the seat belt, everything else was a struggle. Just to turn on the car I had to push in the clutch and brake.  There were three pedals one clutch, one brake and the gas pedal. At the time I could not tell you which is which. Once I did, I pushed them both in and started it up and then took my feet off and that was the first time I stalled my car. Here we go again, my dad saying in his calm voice”try again”.  So I start it up and look at him for my next instructions. He tells me to put it in the 1st gear, he told me “drag the stick up to where it says one”. So I did and his next instruction was “let your foot off the clutch a little, then off the brake and start to press the gas a little”. I let go of the brake and I started rolling back and slammed on the brakes!

This was only about 10 minutes in and I had now gave myself and my dad whiplash.  My mom is laughing on the sidelines and my dad telling me to try it again. So here I go, I try again.  I take my foot off the brake and press the gas. I go nowhere, I have to take my foot off the clutch some.  Although I did it too much and I stalled again. I tried it again, I still stalled again, this happens several times before I am even able to make it further.  Stalling every couple minutes after about 3 hours of struggling, I finally got the hang of it and I was starting to get up to 15 mph in the parking lot and it was now time to shift gears.  I hear my dad saying “only push in the clutch and put it into 2nd gear and let go of the clutch and press the gas again. So my car shook but it stayed on. I continued for about another hour and got the flow of how to drive my car.

Now at this point, in the next day I assumed we would go back to the parking lot and continue to practice.  I was very much so wrong, my parents got in my car and told me to drive to Oak Glen which is about an hour drive from where I live.  Just to turn everything off it was pouring down raining. So not only have I not drove on a street, I have never drove a stick shift for a long period of time.  I now had to drive in the rain.

Can I get a refund on my car ?My driving was rough but I drove my family there and back home safely.  To this day I continue to be a safe driver. I still have my same car and I still continue to stall on harder streets with big hills on occasions.  I drive my manual as well as others manual vehicles as well I have gotten that comfortable to that point. And since my parents got me that car and were determined to teach me how to drive a manual they abled me to get the job that I have today as a Valet Attendant.  Knowing this trait has brung so much more fun to my driving experience. This was how I learned how to drive and I will forever be thankful.

Can I get a refund on my car ?