I got my first job at a sportswear store in the Cabazon Outlet Mall. I was very nervous and excited on my first day. I wore my uniform, which was any appropriate shirt with the store’s logo, and black pants. I was trained on my first day. I had to walk around the store and ask the costumers if they needed help finding anything. I also had to keep the women’s section clean and presentable. I was also in charge of the fitting rooms. I walked up to a lady with brunette hair and a mole on her cheek. I asked her, “are you finding everything okay?” She was looking at the rain coats and asked me, “what is Omni-Wick?” I felt my heart stop as I stared at her completely confused.

“Excuse me,” she said. She looked at me as if she was trying to “revive” me with her eyes. “Oh, the Omni-Wick.” For some weird reason my head instantly thought Under Armor. “it works like armor. It protects you from the rain and keeps you fully dry.” “oh, that’s great! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.” she said as she smiled and walked away. It just sounded like it made sense I mean, it was a rain coat.

I told my supervisor, Carlos, he was very nice and supportive. He looked at me and smiled. “Omni- Wick means it is drying.” he said has he chuckled. I was completely embarrassed and red like a tomato. ‘It’s okay, I was confused also on my first day. ” He pulled out a little booklet from the drawer behind the registers. It had all the Omni- Technology listed with pictures. He gave it to me and told me to look over it. I looked over it and carried it around my pocket. I studied it every time I could. I was very insecure to approach customers after I gave my first customer incorrect information. I spent most of my day at the fitting rooms. I let customers in the fitting rooms and keep track of what they brought in. I had to put away all the “go backs” in the right places and keep an eye on the fitting rooms.

My co-workers were great at helping the customers. I wanted to be like them, experts in customer service and Omni- Technology. I asked Luis, my co-worker, about the Omni-Wick shirts. “Omni-Wick shirts evaporate your sweat quicker than a regular shirt. They also dry faster after washing. Perfect for when your outdoors.” I was impressed. He knew exactly what it was. “can you teach me about the technologies. At least the most common ones.” I said helping him fold the men’s graphic t-shirts. “sure, we can go over them on our break.” he said while displaying the shirts on the table. “thank you. I really appreciate it.”

I was determined to learn the technologies. I wanted to successes at my job. My manager, Hollie, came up to me and asked me how I was doing. I didn’t tell her about my encounter with my first customer. “I’m doing great! Luis is going to teach me about the technologies on our break.” “That’s great! It is good to ask help from your co-workers that makes us great team. Let me know if you have any questions.” “I will, thanks Hollie.” she walked away to a customer that caught her attention by the registers.

As I worked at the fitting rooms, I noticed there was an elderly man having trouble looking at the pants size of a pair of shorts. I went up to him and asked him if he needed any help with anything. He told me he was having trouble looking for his size. I helped him find his size of the pair of shorts he wanted. He was very pleased with my customer service and complimented me to my supervisor Carlos. I felt proud of myself. I made an old man’s day by helping him find his size. It was a great feeling and I wanted to feel that every day when I came into work. I was determined to learn more and help our customers.

When it was time for my break I sat in the break room with Luis to study the Technologies. “the most common Technologies are; Omni- Wick, Omni- Heat, Omni- Freeze, and Omni- Shade. Omni- Wick evaporates sweat to keep you dry and it dries fast after you wash it. Omni- Heat is on all of the jackets in the store. Omni-heat has tiny foil-like spots that retain and regulate your body temperature.” he then showed me the inside of his jacket that had Omni- Heat. I was very impressed with the material. It was literary like wrapping yourself in aluminum foil. “Omni- Freeze helps you stay cool when you sweat.” he took an Omni- Freeze shirt and sprayed it with water. “go ahead, feel it.” as I touched the shirt it felt as if he just took it out of the fridge. It was very cool. “Omni-Shade is the last most common one. It is on all the shirts. It is like sun screen. It protects you from uv rays by absorbing and reflecting. These are the most common Technologies. If you know these Technologies like the back of your hand, you’ll be okay. They are on all the apparel. Except when people do online returns. Those sometimes have different Technologies.”

A week later, I was closing the store with Hollie and a young woman came up to me and asked me for help. “what can I help you with?” I asked her. “I need something to were on top of my bathing suit when I go surfing.” she told me. she was going to Puerto Rico for a wedding. I helped her pick out a thin long sleeve shirt that had Omni-Shade. “this long sleeve has the Omni-Shade Technology which protects you from uv rays. It works just like sunscreen.” “wow, that’s so cool, just like sunscreen!” she thanked me and brought the long sleeve. She was our last customer that day. Hollie locked the door and we went to the office to count the money. She told me we had a secret shopper that week and our customer service was being tested. I was surprised and asked myself if it was any of the customers I helped that week.

On Monday when I came into work everyone kept telling me “good job” and “how did I know,” I was completely confused. Carlos came up to me and told me I scored a hundred percent for our secret shop. i was proud of myself. i thanked Luis for helping me learn the Omni- Technologies. It was one of my greatest accomplishments since I started working.