Spencer Bowling

Photo by Scosche on Pexels.com

      Eng 010


Learning to drive is one of the most important and fun things a teenager can learn to do. As a kid I was excited to go for a ride in the car so I could learn new things about driving and was fascinated to see all the stuff involved with operating a car. I remember all the kids my age asking their parents if they could practice driving a car. When I was about 15 I asked my parents if they could take me out to practice driving, I was surprised not only were my parents willing they were also eager to teach me how to drive.

My Dad and I went up to Crafton Hills College, he took me to the top parking lot where no one was around and began showing me the different things I needed to know about safely driving, I’ll never forget my Dad had a new green GMC truck and I felt fortunate to begin driving on something new that had a ton of power. He began with the basics turning the truck on and checking the lights, he then told me to “go in reverse” and back out of one of the parking spaces we were in. From there he had me circle the lot and practice my turning. He would have me stop, turn on a blinker and try and park into one of the empty parking spaces. I struggled at first but after about five times of going up there I had gotten it down. About the fifth time up there he had me drive back home, I was nervous and kinda scared to be out on public streets for the first time, I remember him yelling at me to “Slow down, and stay in your lane!” He coached me through the rest of the way and we eventually arrived home safely.

Next I started Driving School, it consisted of a small classroom with about 12 students. In class your given a small California Drive Guide and you go over things from how to stop on ice to how far back to stop from a railroad crossing. I eventually finished the course after a small test then you get your permit. After that I started my behind the wheel which its where you get to drive with an instructor. It was a Saturday morning at about 8:00 a.m. when my behind the wheel instructor showed up. He was an older man with short grey hair who drove an old black Oldsmobile, he picked me up and we were on our way. The instructor drove me through the city a couple of times then finally on the freeway. He pulled off to the side of the road then it was my turn to drive, he took me around the city, it was my first time getting use to stop lights. Then finally he led me to the freeway, I was very nervous but he told me “You are doing fine” and somehow my first time on the freeway seemed kind of calm. He was a good teacher and I think because of him I was able to pass my driving test the first time. It seems like you really get used to driving after you’ve done it a few time by yourself.