Quick Write

What questions do you have about the annotated bib?

Due Today

Annotated Bib – 5 Sources (3 Scholarly)

I’m Gay and African American

Raynard Kington, “I’m Gay and African American.” [p. 576]

In small groups of two or three, answer these questions.

  1. Who has a stake in the matter? Who does this affect?
  2. Why does this matter?

I’m _______________, and this matters to me because_________________ . . .

Chapter 7, Who Cares?

Chapter 7 explains the importance of addressing the “so what?” and “who cares?” questions when writing and making an argument. You essays will become stronger once you begin addressing these questions in your writing.

The “who cares?” question considers who has a stake in the argument. The “so what?” helps the reader understand what the larger implications or consequences of the topic are.

These questions work great in many parts of your essays. They are especially helpful for writers who struggle with introductions and conclusions. A good tip is to address these questions in the introduction and conclusions.

Report Topic, So What?

Who are the people that care about your topic? Who has a stake in the matter?

Brainstorm for three minutes all the groups who have a stake in the argument.

Free Write

Free write for five minutes on why these groups care or why the topic matters.

Template To Use:

I’m _______________, and this matters to me because_________________ . . .

Quick Write

Draft a paragraph, introduction or conclusion, incorporating the so what? and who cares? factors.

This is important because ___________ . . .

This essay will benefit _______________, because _____________________. . .

Creating Structure

There are many different ways to structure a report. Decide on the final type of report you will be writing and we can begin to outline the structure. There are as many ways to organize a report and there are types of reports. Here are some examples:

  • Organize by date, time, or sequence
  • Organize by magnitude or order of importance
  • Organize by division
  • Organize by classification
  • Organize by position, location, or space
  • Organize by definition
  • Organize by comparison/contrast
  • Organize by thesis statement
  • Organize by genre (Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, News Report)

You do not have to develop your own structure from scratch, although you can. Look at examples of the type of report you are writing to help determine the structure for your report.

Example: Look at a Wikipedia entry similar to your topic. How is it structured? What order do they present information?

Quick Write

How are you organizing your report?