college     College is something were all told is necessary to obtain a good career. Most people that have good careers seem to have college degrees. While having a college degree is appealing to most employers not every career requires one. College can be very expensive and take up a ton of time in your day. Most people who get college degrees end up with debt and frustrated about the debt they put themselves in. College students who work and go to school have the hardest time because they have to balance work with school. Finding time to do school work is hard enough, but all students have it hard. Full time students have to dedicate their days to school work, and tons of homework. Many students spend hours doing schoolwork and may not even pass their classes, which cost them money. Books, laptop, parking pass, fees for taking classes and other things cost students lots of money. College however does have quite a bit of benefits. As I stated earlier many good careers require a college degree. Depending on the level of degree you have the better career you can get. Just because people have debt after college doesn’t mean they cant pay it off. After all the better the career the more money you make. College is for people who have the dedication and time to get a college degree. Those who put in the time get the college degree put it to good use by going into a variety of careers. College is either a waste of time or it isn’t. There is always good with the bad, but at the end of the day college is a choice you can make, you can choose to go or not to.

70% of college students who graduate have debt. The student debt has reached over 1 trillion dollars, and isn’t slowing down. Americans with a four-year college degree made 98% percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree. That’s up from 89% percent five years earlier, 85% percent a decade earlier and 64% percent in the early 1980s. A paper written by Mr. Autor states that a college degree cost negative 500,000 dollars. This means that if you don’t go to college your missing out on 500,000 dollars you could have made if you had a college degree. Mr. Autor states that over the long run college is “cheaper than free.” The hourly wage for college graduates has only risen 1% over the past decade, to $32.60 an hour. Those without a college degree make on average $16.50 an hour.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Is college worth all of the money you put into it?
  2. Why are you going to college?
  3. Is a degree worth putting in the time for?

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Name: Justin Juarez

Date: 11-4-18