Discrimination is a real thing it’s everywhere you go it’s in the grocery store it at school most of all it’s where you work. Discrimination comes in all forms rather be age, gender, race, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, mental or physical disabilities, or pregnancy in parenthood . Someways jobs display discrimination is by telling a coworker a new job opportunity before you delaying you that information. Delaying certain benefits to you are paying someone a greater amount for the same job and same qualifications. Or for women having maternity leave and them refusing to give you payments or reserving your job . The workplace not paying disability leave our retirement or discriminating when a person is being laid off. These are all real things things than all of us think about on a daily basis things that fly over a persons head but these have all having to each one of us we may not even know it.We may not have even thought about it. Does that make us a good person or oblivious to this fact.Some of the main ones that we may have all had before or understand is out there is jobs like construction workers when we thing of a construction worker we think of a male same with many other jobs this isn’t just a male dominated job for any reason it’s because of discrimination. When you are going out on a date or have had a past school event and went to get your hair and makeup done you expect a women to do it .Again this is just because beauty is a  women dominated job it’s because of discrimination. 4DAB7DE9-3306-4130-BB00-8BCFCAA2153B