Quick Write

Why does the essay of your topic matter? What are the larger implications or consequences? What should your reader take away from your essay?

So What? Saying Why it Matters

The “so what?” helps the reader understand what the larger implications or consequences of the topic are.


Midterm Presentations

Keep presentations between 3 to 5 minutes.

Quick Write

Does college still matter? Why or why not. Comment below this post.

Group Work

We had two readings for this week. We are going to split up the readings and work in groups to figure out the main takeaways, important points, and necessary examples we need to remember.

  • Chapter 13 (“Don’t Make Them Scroll Up: Entering Online Conversations) (166-175)
  • Liz Addison’s “Two Years are Better Than Four” (365)

You will have ten minutes to figure out the main points. Pick a scribe, and presenter. Write the points up on the board. The presenter will have 3 minutes to explain the main points.

  1. What argument is Addison responding to?
  2. Addison discusses her own education experience as part of the argument. What role does this use of autobiographical narrative play in her argument?
  3. Does college still matter?