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Martin Christian Gonzalez


S. Ramos

English 010

Have you ever been knocked out cold before? Do you know how scary it is to be in that unconscious state due to a punch in the face?  I can tell you it’s something you’d never want your children to ever experience. When I was 6 years old, me and my friend were playing catch in our apartment complex in Pico River California on a bright sunny day. Everything seems to be going well until I threw the ball a little too far away from my friend to catch. It accidently hit a boy that was in a group of his friends. They seem to be in the 5th grade perhaps middle school by then. I was only in first grade at the time. The angry group of kids walked up to me and my buddy and asked “Who the f*#k threw that ball”!? I replied, “I did, but I didn’t mean for it to go that far I’m so sorry”. I turned and pointed to my friend and said “He was supposed to catch it”. By the time I turned my head towards the boy who was yelling at my face I just remembered feeling a great force in my left eye and everything went blank. I tried to focus on what happened but everything was a blur and I didn’t even know where I was at anymore. By the time I stood up crying my bloody eye out, the groups of boys ran off and I had to get carried up to my apartment door where I lived. I got sucker punched without even realizing what happened. In that moment I knew, I never want to experience that scary moment ever again.

I started to understand that I got knocked out because I took my eyes off the kid for a split second and once you do that, you never know what could happen the next second. My mother was devastated that it happened because I was such a happy-go-lucky kid growing up until I got punched in the face. She ended up putting me into karate classes as a kid and it taught me so much knowledge that I wish I knew before that day. Karate taught me that you should never take your eyes off your opponent and to never underestimate anyone under any circumstances. In middle school, I encountered another problem where this kid was jealous of me because I was with a girl he liked. We ended up meeting after school where we settled out his problem against me. With the knowledge I had in karate, I ended up showing that kid to never cause me problems ever again, same goes for his friend that attended the fight.

I am now currently in boxing helping out many young kids who are just starting to get into the martial arts world due to some sort of bullying incident they had at school. Yet, there are some parents out there that think putting their kid through any fighting classes is “dangerous”. Let me assure you, it’s a very smart decision you can do for the safety of your child inside and outside the classes themselves. Martial art classes don’t just throw your kid in the ring for another child the beat the sense out of them. Normally, they can’t spare with anyone else without their parent’s permission and attendance. They teach your kids discipline, respect, confidence, and most importantly, physical health. Your child will not only become more educated on a street fight whenever they encounter one, but to also respect the people around them at all times knowing that they have the training they developed in class. Plus, it’s a great way to be more involved in your little one’s life by always supporting them and having fun watching them have fun.

Today, bullying is something that is very hard to stay away from. Trouble lurks around every corner of the playground or campus in general. Even outside of school, you may run into trouble without doing anything to cause it. It’s sad that at any time, someone may way up to your child and want to start problems over nothing or just to take their money or possessions away from them. Being able to predict something happening ahead of time is something the classes will teach you as well. For example, if you see a group of kids or just someone approaching you, you will be able to tell if they are just casually walking by or may do something to you without hesitation. Being alert and focused can put you in a step ahead of the situation before they even begin to try anything with you. Knowing what to do and when to do it can help you potentially save your own life.

A lot of children these days lack the physical conditioning that can help them save themselves from bullies or just to be able to be healthy in general. The classes will put them through a lot of fun physical conditioning that will make them healthier and grow up to live a healthy lifestyle. Appreciating your health at a young age can provide a long meaningful life for your children. The classes put your child through fun activities that they’ll enjoy doing without realizing they’re losing weight in the first place. They’ll also teach you as a parent some helpful tips on keeping your kids in shape and to also help you get on track yourself alongside with your child.

I highly recommend you think about getting your child into an affordable martial arts class that suitable for you and your family. Preparing your child for the worst-case scenario when it comes to just walking to the store is honestly the best decision you can make as a parent for them. It shows that your concerned and for your child and will do whatever it takes to make sure that you and your family grow up being a step ahead of a bad situation.