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What if you had to live in a foreign country where the president who you choose as your

leader became so corrupted that manipulate the system to be reelected and take power

over the peoples rights? Many Latin American countries are facing this corruption with

presidents being in office for too many terms. They start coming across as good

candidates for the good of the people and then they become corrupted and greedy. The

people trust in these individuals to make the country a better place with more


Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, was first elected back in 1984 and re elected in

2007 for three term. Daniel Ortega the Sandinista leader and his brother Humberto

Ortega and Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN), a political organization

from the left-wing,  organized political support among students, workers, and peasants.

On July 1979, they defeated the National Guards and overthrew Anastasio Somoza

former president at the time. Somoza and his family controlled  the national radio and

telegraph networks, the postal and immigration services, health services, the internal

revenue service, and the national railroads. They were living life to the fullest while the

people lived in poverty. Daniel Ortega became very liked after taking over because the

people thought he was a good man for helping to get rid of Somoza. Ortega became the

first Nicaraguan president in history to peacefully surrender power to an opposition

party (Morris). The man who gained the trust of so many Nicaraguans, started using his

power for corruption and maintaining poverty as well. Parties in the coalition were

stripped of their legal status by judges and electoral officials apparently controlled by

Ortega’s government. The people are feeling betrayed by the president Daniel Ortega and

his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, for ordering increase in the amount that the

employees and employers have to pay into the system while cutting benefits to elderly

pensioners by 5% (Morris). The next day thousands of people including university

students, pensioners, environmentalists, feminists, religious leader and many more filled

up the streets protesting for Daniel Ortega and his wife to resign as president. The state

shut down multiple television stations that were broadcasting live footage and ordered

the anti-riot police to fire rounds into the crowd of protestors while ordering them to

arrest students and attack universities in Managua the capital. The Nicaragua Center for

Human Rights reports approximately 60 death. Journalist Angel Gahona, was killed

streaming live footage of protestors in the Caribbean coastal city of Bluefields on

Facebook. There were much more report by the Red Cross who were wounded and

needed to be hospitalized. On the other hand, many others got incarcerated for looting

stores. According to Ortega, the people imprisoned in the disturbances will be brought to

trail. It isn’t easy for him to regain control of the streets especially because the people of

Nicaragua are tired of his bullshit and are desperate for change.

In Rome, Pope Francis called out for the violence to end and a peaceful resolution of

the conflict. According to Jose de Cordoba from The Wall Street Journal, a spokeswoman

from the State Department, Heather Nauert was not pleased with the “excessive force

used by the police and others against civilians.” The State Department called in a meeting

for the Nicaraguan government to restore all television coverage and allow a full

investigation of the deaths during the protests. The Ortega government has been

mishandling the social security system for years. They’ve used it as a piggy bank to

finance housing projects and medical clinics created by Ortega’s association. According

to Cordoba, the International Monetary Fund has send out a warning that the

Nicaragua’s social security system could run out of money by 2019.  Many people work so

hard most of their lives so they could accumulate money in their social security so they

could have money to live on. This man is creating more poverty and crime. Most people

in Nicaragua are becoming desperate and their breaking into people’s houses and

businesses. As it is, Nicaragua remains one of the poorest countries in Latin America

(Watts). Daniel Ortega undermine the power and authority of the country’s institutions

and developed democracy seeking to form dictatorship like Anastasio Somoza (Cordoba).

Ortega benefited in recent years from regular deposits of well over half a billion dollars

in cash annually from oil-rich Venezuela. He divided the income between his own family,

the private business community organized through a chamber of commerce known as

COSEP that exercises broad influence on the local government, and distributed the rest

through social security programs to maintain order. The people of Nicaragua are

through with Daniel Ortega, they are hoping for change.

It is devistating seeing the country I was born at go through these horrible moments.

Besides it being the poorest country in Central America, its where God gave us the

privilage to be born at. Nicaragua is a beautiful country of volcanoes, lakes and beaches.

Taking from the elderly is not the soluation in my opinion. These people depend on their

pensions to survive. The people in Nicaragua have lived in poverty for many years for

this asshole and his wife to take more from the people is not right at all. They seem to be

enjoying their lives while Nicaraguans are struggling to make ends meet. There has to be

some kind of change in how our voices are heard so we are able to make changes if

needed. Its very sad how Daniel Ortega handled the protests. He had no right to kill all

those unarmed individual protesting for change. Can you imagine if you had to live in a

country like Nicaragua. Maybe if we had better leaders and government system, the

people wouldnt have to look elsewhere to go or even cross the border to seek better

opportunities for their families. Hopefully the U.S. could step in and help the people of

Nicaragua get rid the president and his wife so they could live in peace.


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