Growing up I always thought about going a university, many teachers made it seem so promising. I was always into school since I was a young girl in elementary school, I had no idea how expensive college was. When high school arrived I remember being in a program known as AVID, which was supposed to prepare you for college. I was ecstatic about being in this program, I thought it was going to help me with so much, but College expenses never crossed my mind, only because I thought it was going to all be paid for somehow. My AVID teacher  was continuously bringing up applying for grants and scholarships but I was confused, I had not realized that you had to pay for college classes. Being the only one in my family that had planned on going to college was extremely difficult, I had to learn about this all by myself. It made me extremely anxious and nervous, because I knew I was not going to be able to afford to get into the college that i wanted to. Education has been offered to everyone who lives in the united states, but what good does it do if you cannot accept the education that is offered to you? Education is essential for everyone in our lives today, in able to have a successful life you must be educated in a career. There are so many people in America who cannot afford this education, it is extremely difficult for someone to come up with the college funds especially if there are other responsibilities that need to be taken care of at the same time as fees for college. Although education is offered to everyone, it does not mean that the same opportunity is offered to everyone as well, because education is so expensive most people won’t even think about applying for college and the fact that everyone has different financial issues also effects it. Education should be offered free to everyone, with this opportunity so much more people will be able to receive an education and all have the equal opportunity to be successful in life. Having a good education affects a person’s well being in many aspects, such as financials stability, better opportunities, and a better lifestyle. Education is beneficial in tons of ways and can help the people in America pursue way more if it was offered for free.  

Countless people believe  that free education can not only benefit the individuals but it can also benefit our entire country.  Considering that everyday more jobs are required some type of college experience or degree, education is not only becoming a more important aspect in today’s nation but it’s also a necessity at this point and time of generation. An improved educated workforce can make economy in America grow faster, because more people will have a set career due to the free education that will be offered and more people will be able to help with the community now by being able to contribute on paying taxes. More people will be employed with good paying jobs and will not be struggling with paying their own taxes or maybe even not having to rely on government assistance. According to an article written by numerous college graduates, “Since the mid-1900s, America’s top one percent of income earners have increased their portion of the country’s income by more than double”(Redefining College Affordability: Securing America’s Future with a Free Two Year College Option), so giving this opportunity of free education can  make a huge impact and result to an increased amount of money circulating within the economy especially because when people have more money they spend  more money. This can also result to more than enough taxes, that can go towards free public colleges.

Free college education can not only affect us economically but it can affect everything that is around us in a beneficial way. The reason making college free is important  isn’t just because economic issues, it’s for our knowledge expansion. We should want every American to have an equal opportunity to receive a free education that they want so that they will be able to be a successful educated person. Without the offering of free education  for everyone in the nation, it can be possible that America can be even more socially divided. Majority of people believe that being at a college level education is a necessity, especially since you will always be in a good position financially when having a college education.

Although there are programs that offer to cover some of your school necessities, it is still not enough for someone to receive a full education. Education should be free for everyone, especially if it is going to benefit us not only in our intelligence but also our economy. Offering free education to everyone will allow more people to go to college and will even make the percentages of graduates increase. Throughout college many people have to drop in the middle of their semester due to financial issues. Offering this free education for everyone will help students focus on school because they won’t have to worry about not being able to be financially balanced with school and other responsibilities such as work. Free college education is something people will not take be taken for granted, because your college education depends on your future which is also why many more people would be taking this opportunity extremely serious. Despite of what people have to say about it being wrong to make education free, at the end of the day free education will benefit us and there is nothing better than having the rate of college graduates increase, because it’s going to mean more people are going to be successful and economy will improve for all social classes. In an article it is said that, “in 2015, the total amount of student loan debt in America was estimated to be about $1.3 trillion (over 39 percent higher than it was just four years earlier). And student loans are, by far, the most dominant type of financial aid. During the 2012-2013 school year alone, about 10 million college students took out student loans (a 66-percent increase from a decade earlier)”  (Education at a Glance 2018: OECD Indicators). People have spend so much on money for college, for example, students have been taking large amount of school loans just to be able to pay and attend college courses which affects the economy terribly, because after all those loans students have taken out they will be charged interest in the future which makes it harder on the students to pay them off. Not everyone can fully afford a college education and the money that is given to students is not enough coverage for a full education, even though there are ways to receive money  for college it still does not make an impact for students that are still struggling after they’ve received financial assistance for college. With Free education being offered to everyone we will be able to get rid of owing so much money and students will be able to focus on their education in the future they will be able to afford to participate on helping pay taxes in order for others to receive their education as well.

Education is an important aspect in today’s society and most importantly in our nation. All students should be eligible to receive funds for college so that they are able to pursue a career through the education that can be given to them. Free college tuition will make a great impact on the students financial and scholarly plans. Our government of this country can be investing in students that can possibly be the leaders of our future, such as doctors, teachers, and many others that will make our country a better place to live. Giving people the option to receive free education will expand the opportunities of many people who strive to be an educated and successful person, and everyone would be able to put they’re effort and get to see how much potential they have. Free education can change the lives of many people in different ways, it is important that we offer everyone the equal opportunity of education. By providing free education we are more likely to have successful future for many people.

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