Quick Write

An elegy is a sad mournful lament. Why do you think Vance called his book Hillbilly Elegy? How does his own story relate to the title?

Points to Consider

Mission: Explain your mission early on. Hook us with a good reason to continue reading.

Background: Include the conversation on the subject.

Focal Point: Evaluate a specific text or product.

Compare and Contrast: Examine the differences. Compare the strengths and weaknesses.

Keep it Simple: Choose a simple or predictable structure, criteria, and grading/evaluation.

Judgment: How does text meet the criteria for evaluation?

Purpose: Most evaluations provide usable information and beneficial criticism. After  reading your essay, we should have a better understanding of the text or product.

Peer Workshop

Peer edit the same way you revise your own work. Pay attention to global issues first. Don’t worry about grammar or sentence structure yet. Focus on improving and clarifying the ideas.

Be specific in identifying problems or opportunities. Explain what the problem you see if. Avoid vague language like “awkward.” Explain what it is that is awkward and give suggestions for how to improve.

Offer suggestions for improvement. If they are not mentioning a major counterargument, suggest it for them to address. If a point is unclear, explain how they can clarify it.

Praise what is genuinely good in the paper. No false praise. If you like a particular point or passage, let them know.