Narrative Example

Protect Yourself at All Times


Review Articles

Review Freedman “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” p. 506.

Locate places where the author agrees, disagrees, or both.



  1. Summarize the opening argument as Freedman frames it. Summarize the position that he sets out to refute. Pages 508 – 510.
  2. Respond to Freedman. Agree p. 60, Disagree p. 62, both p. 64 using a template.
  3. Explain your response.
  4. When responding you do not want to only agree or disagree. Add something to the conversation. How can we add something to the conversation? Personal, Example, etc.


Criticism of Pollan

Freedman is particularly critical of the views of Michael Pollan p. 520 – 527. What are his specific criticisms? How do you think Pollan might respond?

The Fast Food Conversation

Slate responded to Freedman

How does the author begin his article? What position did the author take? How does he add to the conversation?