Everyone has at least one person who has someone who has helped them throughout their life. Maybe they have quite a few. For me those people would be myself, my mom, my aunt semida, and my fiancé Bobby. Throughout my whole life it’s been a constant roller coaster. To this day I am still learning and applying what I was thought to my daily life whether it’s at school, work, or on my free time. Sometimes, all you need is yourself to help learn certain things others might not be able to help you on.

Let me tell you a little bit about my sponsor, my mom. She’s an extraordinarily amazing, strong woman. She is about 5’6 with long dark brown hair with these hazel eyes. When she was 17 ½ she got electrocuted to 20,000 volts of electricity. At the age of 18, my grandparents, my mom and her siblings all came to the United States from Romania for a better life. My mom has been through so much in the past 48 years. She has always told me “be kind, to love, and always wish well upon those who do you wrong” by the age of 12. She taught me how to read, write and speak English before I went to kindergarten. My mom helped me understand what it’s like to appreciate the little things in life without having that luxury. She has not stopped helping me grow into the woman I am today.

Another sponsor in my life would be my aunt. She is my mom’s younger sister. She is about 5’7 with short brown hair and light hazel eyes. My aunt Semida has been through enough to help me understand quite a few things. She’s always been like a second mom to me. When I would go through some problems I couldn’t talk to my mom about, she was my go to. Semida, helped me deal with depression, break ups and broken hearts, and simply giving me advice. When I was about 15 my aunt helped me practice my driving skills without a permit. She taught me how to drive a manual transmission car when I finally got my permit at 18. Yeah big gap to finally get my license. At the age of 20 going into 21 she helped me understand to see and read the red flags in a relationship, to get out before it was too late. By the time I turned 21 she also taught me and said “ you don’t need a man to make you  happy, just yourself and doing what you love.”

Finally, my last sponsor would be the love of my life, my fiancé, Bobby. He comes from a family of law enforcement. He’s strong and independent. Bobby is about 5’10, built with tattoos all over with light brown eyes. When I met him, I was going through quite a lot. Dealing with anxiety and constantly trying to find someone to complete my heart. He taught me that women are not just for sex and to take advantage of but women need to be loved, cherished and given the world. He always has a way with words. Bobby and I have our own knowledge on certain things and in certain areas. In some areas he knows more about law enforcement than I do and in certain areas I know more about the medical field. I know how to speak more than one language when he only knows two. At the age of 21 I took an English class and had to write about racism. I ended up writing about how a majority of the cops are racist. When we discussed the essay, he opened my eyes to realize and say “You are misinformed about what actually happens in and during certain situations that involve police shootings. The media has its way to draw in audience by giving them what they want to see and hear.” So to get my facts checked and to actually see what goes on I watch Live PD. Apart from that, he has also showed me what love is from someone who truly cares about you. I know he gets busy with work and has a lot on his plate but he never fails to tell me “I love you. No matter how busy I get, I love you.” He has shown me how to be treated with respect and to always be there for each other. In a relationship you don’t always have to be serious. Sometimes you cannot always put in 50/50. Sometimes you need to give 80/20 and be there to pick up your significant other.

Now, enough about my sponsors. A little bit about myself. I am a 22 year old college student with a story. I am 5’6 with long brown hair, hazel eyes with what most will say, “a perfect smile.” At the age of 3 or 4 I began to draw. Put a piece of paper and crayons or a pencil and I would just doodle. For about 19 years I never stopped drawing, mastering my skills. Around the age 18 I taught myself how to be confident.I wake up every morning and tell myself “Girl, you look gorgeous! You are a queen.” I also taught myself that everyone will have an opinion about you. Became confident to where others opinions about me don’t matter because I know myself and I’m comfortable in my own body. When I turned 21 I got my first tattoo to cover my scars, to help boost that confidence.

Most people have one person who helps them, to teach them certain things in life. Some might have more. I have more than what I wrote but these sponsors, these important people in my life have made me the person I am today. From self teaching, to my mom helping me and teaching me, from my aunt Semida helping me understand, to finally my fiancé opening my eyes. Sometimes in life you don’t just need people close to you to help you learn or to teach you new things or subjects or possibly new ideas, maybe we teach ourselves new things nobody else could have taught us.