In the book “The Woman Hollering Creek: And Other Short Stories”, there is a short story called “There Was a Man, There Was a Woman”, and in that very complicated story there can be very many outcomes to it depending how you look at it. To me this story ended in way of both the man and women having no purpose in their lives.The man in the story would get paid every second and fourth Friday of the month, but the woman would get paid the first and third Friday of the month. Therefore every friday they got paid they would go to the bar and drink thinking that the alcohol would boost their confidence to go up to a special someone to spark a conversation. Even with the alcohol both the man and woman would do nothing every friday. The end of the story leaves it with a cliffhanger because the readers don’t know if they are going to be each other purpose? Will they even meet? 

In the man’s life he has his group of friends that he goes to the bar, but he has that friend that he can talk to about anything. So the next time they meet at the bar the friend asks the man a very open question, “Why do you drink so much?”the man answers with “because I’m hoping that the alcohol will bring me that confidence I need”. In the friends head he thinks to himself, “We’ve been doing the same routine for a year now and he still hasn’t spoken to a female”, but he continues to keep it to himself.  

Looking at the woman’s life she doesn’t have that one friend she can vent to so every night so she prays in hope to find that one purpose that she has been on the search for awhile now. Every night she starts her prayer off with a “Hey its me again” and continues it with her thanking God of what she has and after she asks him to “show her the way to happiness”. She knows that one of these days she needs to stop drinking and find herself. So the next day she gets a call saying that the checks are coming in late so she was getting paid the second Friday of the month, her taking that as a sign she tells herself that that friday was going to be the last time she was going to the bar. 

The man’s friend finally builds the courage to tell him that him continuing this routine was not helping him in anyway and that he should find a new hobby. The friend and the man get into a huge argument about his current situation in always drinking and letting time pass him by. Both the friend and man start talking about why they are even fighting in the first place and they talk about the past in which they both met in high school and they would never fight because they knew they only had each other in those lonely times in a very mean world called high school. That one math class sophomore year, the teacher paired the man up with the friend for their performance task for the month and both the man and the friend did not know one another but still continued to do their best in completing their work. The man was always lazy and left most of the work for the friend, but just like in present time the friend built up his confidence and told the man that “I ain’t going to do all this work for you, so if you want to continue your lazy ways have fun failing the class”, the man took a real look at himself and realized that just like in the past the friend was right and now it is happening again. So the friend and man come to the conclusion of this Friday was going to be the last time going to the bar.

It’s the woman’s last week for work before she can go to the bar one last time and she is really excited about it because deep within herself she feels like this is going to be the day she builds her confidence to speak to that one special guy. It’s the man’s last week of work before he can go to the bar one last time and he feels sad about it because he has to give up the one thing he really enjoyed doing, but knows its for the best. The man and friend would hangout after work everyday of the week and spit jokes, talk about work, also on what they were going to wear for the bar because not only is it going to be their last time going to the bar, but the bar was throwing their 50th anniversary so they were doing these crazy deals on alcohol. Since the bar was doing this they knew they were going to be seeing some new faces. The woman after work would go straight home and think about how much work sucked and how much fun she was going to have at the bar not knowing they were throwing their 50th anniversary for the bar.

The second Friday of the month has arrived, the woman took about 2 hours to get ready. When she finished getting ready she looks in the mirror and says “Today is the day”, she has a huge smile on her face and is ready to go. The man took about 10 minutes to get ready. His hair slicked back with a white T under his flannel flexing his chain, he knows he is ready. The friend picks up the man and in a hurry they make it to the bar. The woman calls an uber and gets to the bar pretty late. When the man and the friend arrived they quickly go to the bar and order their cheap alcohol. When the woman arrived she quickly went looking for the man that would catch her eye. Finally the man and friend decided to go on the dance floor because they were both buzzed and did not care on how they looked they just wanted to have fun. Finally the woman stopped the search and came to the conclusion in dancing the night away. The man and friend both are dancing funny and the man bumps into the woman and they both stared into each others eyes as if they were staring into the moon those lonely nights. The man leaves the friend and talks to woman on how beautiful she looked and the woman talks about how handsome he looked. The man thinking to himself that this situation doesn’t feel right to him and maybe she wasn’t the one. She believes that he is the one and she continues to flirt with the man and the friend looking at them in disgust. The man comes to the conclusion in his head and tells the woman how he feels. The man says to her “ I know we just met, I feel like we have known each other our whole lives, but im sorry to tell you this, but Im in love with my best friend.”