“Yes girl get me one more shot”, says the girl at the bar. She has been drinking for over an hour straight and all she can think about is a man missing in her life but out in the open she looks very happy to be with her friends. It is Friday and she has been drinking all night nonstop, at this point she is stumbling and is about ready to call her friend to come pick her up.”Sarah! Sarah!” she screams.” girl i need you to come pick me up, I’m drunk and they are getting ready to close,” says the girl. “Okay I’m coming right now just be outside in 10 minutes,” answers Sarah. During the 10 minutes the girl at the bar was still slamming shots and ends up taking 3 more shots before she ends up leaving her wallet on the bar table. luckily she had her I.D in the wallet so the bartenders were able to determine who it was and were going to be able to keep it for her for next Friday. Sarah arrives and the girl stumbles into the car barely even able to walk on her own and Sarah proceeds to take her home after a wild night a the bar.

A day later goes by and the girl realizes that she had left her wallet in the bar and plans to go next Friday to grab her belonging. a week goes by and she finally goes back to the bar to go get her wallet. she walks in and doesn’t the wallet on the bar counter where she was drinking and now she starts to get a little worried that someone stole her wallet after 30 seconds of standing and brainstorming where her wallet could be she decides to go up to the bartender and ask to see if he had seen a wallet. He responds “you are in luck young lady, about ten minutes ago a young man had turned it in to us and said he found it on the ground with footprints all over it.” she replies ” o thank God! i thought i would have never gotten it back because usually bars are notorious for stealing wallets and valuable belongings.” she asks the bartender if the man who turned in the wallet was still in the bar so she can go thank him for turning it in. the bartender pointed to a man that had been drinking with his friends and responds “him right there with the navy blue shirt on and the tan khakis”. She happily walks over to the man to thank him not knowing that he was actually the love of her life. She walks up to him and notices his gleaming white smile with nice slicked back hair. she was in complete awe as soon as she laid eyes on him. The man saw love at first sight also and he was surprised at the beauty in her wavy blonde hair and shiny nice nose piecing she had in at the time. In her head she was for sure she has seen her lover and on the other hand the guy was pretty sure he was going to have to get her number because he knew he wouldn’t be able to lie with himself if he never got to see her again. In person they both kept composure and the conversation was going very smooth until the guy asks the girl for her number. at this point in the conversation the man’s friends had moved to the other side of the bar to let them have there privacy. The man looked up after asking the girl the question and sees her cheeks automatically start turning a pinkish red. the girl looks to him and instantly responds with her number. the guy says ill give you a call and returns to his friends on the other side of the bar and as he is walking back his friends are looking at him with a smirk on there face because they knew he got the job done

3 days pass and the girl is very nervous that the guy most likely wont hit her up again, she sets her phone on the table and goes in the kitchen to go do the dishes. when she hears her phone beep because she got a notification, and she checks her phone and its the gut from the bar and he wanted to know whether she would be happy to go get lunch with him. She responded “absolutely i would love to go, I’m free at 4 so you can come pick me up then”. He answers “sounds good”. 4 o’clock hits and he picks her up to go get some sandwiches. Everything was going very smooth and they connected vibes almost instantly on lunch and in the back of both there heads they knew they were perfect for each other. After the date was over the girl asked the guy if he would like to come over and his automatic answer was yes. at this point in the night it was 7:45 pm and they were driving back to the girls house to go have a little fun. As soon as they get to her house she grabs his hand and takes him upstairs in her room and they instantly start making out and touching each other until they end up in bed. They both are laying in the bed cuddling when suddenly they both calm down and both stair out the window and see the full moon out. He looks at her and says “i love you Julia,” and she whispers back to him ,”I love you too Max”.